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  2. Sales and Service Tax Invoice (SST)

Sales and Service Tax Invoice (SST)

Sales and Service Tax Invoice (SST)

SST (Sales and Service Tax) shall be levied and charged on the taxable supply of goods and services made in the course or furtherance of business in Malaysia by a taxable person. It is crucial to issue correct and proper Tax Invoice to customer for companies registered under the SST system. It acts as the primary evidence to support an Input Tax Credit claim. It is compulsory to issue a tax invoice showing the amount of SST charged and the price of the supplies separately.

There are TWO TYPES of Tax Invoices:

  • Full Tax Invoice
  • Simplified Tax Invoice

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry regarding our POS Sales and Service Tax (SST) Invoice Receipts.

  • KL Office 1: +603 2780 3880
  • KL Office 2: +603 7980 1388
  • JB Office: +607 361 8927

Simplified Tax Invoice is usually used by retailers who generate vast amount of invoices everyday to the end consumers such as supermarket, restaurants, petrol kiosks and other point of sales outlets. It is able to take form of an invoice, receipt or voucher with the necessary information of a simplified tax invoice.

Simplified Tax Invoice without recipient’s name and address can also be used to claim input tax. However, the maximum amount of claimable tax is SGD 11.00. If the recipient wants to claim the full amount of input tax (more than SGD 11.00) a Full Tax Invoice would be more appropriate as it includes both recipient’s name and address.

BMO POS System is now offering Tax Invoice Receipt with necessary built-in features that can be customized based on your business preferences.

Features that are supported in both tax invoice receipts:
  • Tax (Enable/Disable)
    • Percentage
    • Amount
    • Inclusive Percentage
    • Inclusive Amount
  • Discount
  • Extra Discount
  • Service Charge (Enable/Disable)
    • Percentage
    • Amount
  • Payment History
  • SST Total Tax
  • Total Including SST
  • SST Summary

Full Tax Invoice Details

Simplified Tax Invoice Details

Customize your Tax Invoice

Full Tax Invoice Layouts

Full Tax Invoice Layout 1

Full Tax Invoice Layout 2

Full Tax Invoice Layout 3

Full Tax Invoice Layout 4

Full Tax Invoice Layout 5

Full Tax Invoice Layout 6

Full Tax Invoice in Bahasa Malaysia

Simplified Tax Invoice Layouts

Simplified Tax Invoice Layout 1

Simplified Tax Invoice Layout 2

Simplified Tax Invoice Layout 3

Simplified Tax Invoice in Bahasa Malaysia