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Centralised control over POS Station
Online cloud backup
Handle multiple branches
Mobile phone or iPad report access
Control members, serial, vouchers online
Free upgrades
Vouchers online
Prepaid & credit online

POS Singapore All-In-One POS System Bundles

POS Singapore has pre-packaged POS System bundles for your convenience.
Each bundle varies in its price and we sell it cheaper! Select the field of businesses below to purchase the most suitable POS System with FREE installation service.

View Our Complete All-in-One POS System Bundles

Affordable POS System

for Multipurpose Business.

All these are at SGD1285+ per station, hardware inclusive

  • Comes with POS hardware, including standard monitor, CPU, receipt printer, cash drawer, laser barcode scanner, keyboard, mouse and etc.
  • No hidden cost, Free online demo, Free installation
  • We serve customers globally. We did demonstration of the software to customers in Malaysia, Philiphines and many more.

Install POS Terminal Quick Guide


Without BMO Cloud Access, you can still enjoy the full features for BMO Offline Client:

Online POS System Malaysia Android Waiter App Online POS System Malaysia Android Order Station App Online POS System Malaysia Appointment Online POS System Malaysia Attendance Online POS System Malaysia Auto Email Reporting Online POS System Malaysia Cash Online POS System Malaysia Contact Database Online POS System Offline POS Terminal Service By Online POS System Malaysia Credit Limit Online POS System Malaysia Debt
Android Waiter App Android Order Station App Appointment Attendance Auto Email Reporting Cash Contact Database Create Item on The Fly Credit Limit Debt
Online POS System Offline POS Terminal Discounts Online POS System Malaysia Employee Commission Online POS System Malaysia Food and Beverage Online POS System Malaysia Attendance Online POS System Malaysia Inventory Online POS System Malaysia Item Options Online POS System Malaysia Item Set Online POS System Malaysia Petty Cash Online POS System Malaysia Points Redemption Online POS System Malaysia Prepaid
Discounts Employee Commission Food & Beverage Kitchen Queue Inventory Item Options Item Set Petty Cash Points Redemption Prepaid
Pos System Recurrence Online POS System Malaysia POS Terminal Re-Order Alert Online Pos System Malaysia Warranty Date Online POS System Malaysia Bulk SMS Integration Online POS System Malaysia Barcode Printer Online Pos System Malaysia Tax GST and VAT Online POS System Malaysia Table Layout Online POS System Malaysia Vendor Online POS System Malaysia Weight Machine with Barcode Pos System 3rd party voucher
Recurrence Re-order Alert Service, Pickup, Warranty Date SMS Integration Supports up to 12 Printers Tax(GST & VAT) Table Layout Vendor Weight Machine with Barcode 3rd Party Voucher
Expand your business & utilize the full power of cloud services. You can always consider in subscribing to our BMO cloud service. Sign Up today or request for a demo.

Generate Business Documents with POS Market

Invoices A4 Receipts A4/80mm/58mm Purchase Order Quotation Statement of Account Multiple Reports
Online POS System Malaysia Invoice Online POS System Malaysia Receipt Online POS System Malaysia Order Online POS System Malaysia Quotation Online POS System Malaysia Account Statement Online POS System Malaysia Report


* Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.


* Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

Xpress Waiter Mobile Ordering App

FnB mobile ordering app
FnB mobile ordering app

Take orders with your mobile phone or tablet with our Xpress Waiter Mobile Ordering App that links directly to the kitchen.
You can see all of your orders from the kitchen as well as your POS terminal. It increases your restaurant efficiency by making sure all customers are attended during your store’s peak hour.

Self Ordering Xpress Menu Software

FnB mobile ordering software

Keep your customers happy with fast service, faster table turn around and more quality service with the time saving Self Ordering Xpress Menu Software.
The Xpress Waiter Customer Mobile Ordering App is available for everyone including existing POS System Malaysia customers. The customer mobile ordering Android app is built to work seamlessly with online pos system Malaysia.

  1. Make New Orders
  2. Append Orders
  3. Print to Server
  4. Item Lists
  5. Support Chinese Language


* Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

BizCloud POS System is packed with features specificly designed for car and motorcycle workshops. Our POS System includes useful functions such as ‘vehicle service history‘ and ‘stock control‘ that helps workshop owners to keep customer’s vehicle information, schedule important car maintenance reminders and manage their vehicle spare parts inventory accurately.

car workshop system

CRM Quotation system

POS with CRM Quotation

CRM Quotation is a cloud application modules for small and medium enterprises. You can automate your sales quote, save time and ultimately, cost. You do not need to be an expert to create quotation for your potential clients.

optical shop pos system

Our POS system is design to support the needs of optical shops and businesses alike.

Features like ‘pickup date’ and ‘warranty date’ alerts help business owners to run the shop easily and systematically, saving time and being consistent with customers through sales records and job sheet records.

pos for bookstore

POS for Bookstore

Our POS for Bookstore was specially created for all types of bookstore to operate the daily business routine.

  1. Books inventory, author, publisher
  2. Common voucher
  3. Quantity on hand
  4. Barcode printing
  5. Unlimited categories & sub-categories
  6. Multiple options with price


* Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.
The Fresh Market POS System is perfect when customers select products that need to be billed according to the weight.

POS with Membership System

Excel in managing your customer loyalty, multiple branches, discounts or membership system.

  • Loyalty Program
  • Discounts for membership
  • Prepaid member credits for later use
  • Membership fees
  • Info sharing for multiple branches
  • Member points accumulation
  • Membership expiry date
  • IC Card Reader
  • Vouchers
  • Member profiles
  • Purchase history

Gym POS System is a POS system that is designed specifically for gyms and fitness clubs will streamline day-to-day activities like payment processing and membership fee collections. No matter the size of your fitness facility, it is hard to manage.
So, Gym POS System will speed up processes, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Gym POS System

LED Display with
Queueing System

  • Use the Display to Show Promotions, Advertisement or Any Text Message that You Want
  • Multi Colour LED Display is Now Available
  • Program LED Display
  • Use as Customer Display
  • Use as Queue Display

POS for Attendance System

Stand Alone Attendance System

POS for Attendance System

Online Cloud Attendance System

POS with Attendance System

BizCloud HRM System (e-Leave, Attendance, e-Claim, Payroll) is easy to set up. It works perfectly with all of our BizCloud Modules including POS System. If your company comprises of multiple branches in different location, BizCloud attendance system is comprehensive for you to keep track of your employees’ leaves and work hours.

Car Wash POS System is an essential tool for all car wash and car detailing businesses.
Car Wash POS System modules work perfectly for car wash business, premium car detailing business and so much more.

Car Wash POS System

* Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

Entertainment POS System are uniquely geared for the entertainment industry includes pubs, cafés, theme parks and etc.

Pet Shop POS System

Running a pet store requires diligently managing your inventory and keeping your customers delight. Here we introduce you our Pet Shop POS System to ease your business operation!

Internet Café POS System is essential for all internet café businesses.
Internet Café POS System manage all your transactions, besides tracking and storing all your data in a safe and consolidated location on the cloud.

Internet Café POS System

Salon POS System

Salon POS System

Our Salon POS System is a carefully designed pos system that supports spa pos transaction records while allowing for salon appointment deposits and salon booking prepayment for a better pricing deal for long term clients.

  1. Sales Documentation System
  2. Inventory / Product Management
  3. Client Database
  4. Booking
  5. Deposit Payments
  6. Flexible Payment System
  7. Employee

Café POS System

  • Beverages
  • Memberships
  • Cashier
  • Kitchen
  • Layout
  • Order Station
  • Waiters Mobile App
  • Booking Mobile App
  • Multiple Printers
  • Queue management

Café POS System is an essential tool for café.
Café POS System is designed to be versatile and easily configured to suit most café environment.

Café POS System

Cloud POS System provides you more mobility and flexibility to manage your business from anytime, anywhere.
Cloud POS System also enables admin to login to the cloud to view reports, adjust inventory, prices and other operations. The data is then synced.

Cloud POS System

POS with Barcode System
POS with Barcode System

POS with Barcode System

Our POS with Barcode System can help to run the daily business routine such as read printed barcode and output barcode to a computer.

  1. Scanning A Barcode
  2. Add Barcode In Item
  3. Generate Item Barcode
  4. Item Scanner
  5. Data In Barcode

Server Based Multi Counter POS System

Server Based Multi Counter POS System has no limitation for the number of POS stations that can connect to the server. There is a headquarter application for headquarter to view transactions from multiple branches.

Server Based Multi Counter POS System

pos system on the go

POS On-The-Go

Serve your customers fast. Reduce your long lines and increase your reviews of happy, satisfied customers with our POS On-The-Go POS system! Tend to your food truck business easily and efficiently with a combination of our Xpress Waiter Ordering System so that orders come in easily and sales transactions are done smoothly.

Rent A POS System

Organize your sales events easily without increasing operational costs with our simple Rent-A-POS system deal!

POS System Retail Basic
SGD 30/day

* Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

Now your customers can have the convenience to pay with their Alipay account with our newly updated Alipay POS feature.

ali pay pos system

inventory management system

Real-time Inventory

Real-time inventory with the POS software helps you manage your stock better, understand the products that are in demand and order ahead as well as plan for sales and promotions for products that are slow moving.

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A-la-Carte POS System Hardwares

Visit our e-Market Point of Sales store now to find the cheapest deals on POS system accessories, point of sales software and bundles!


POS System Software


POS Software

POS System Customer Pole Display


Pole Display

pos system Fingerprint Reader


Fingerprint Reader 4500

Touch Screen LCD Monitor


Touch Screen Monitor

Thermal Barcode Printer


Thermal Barcode Printer

pos system Weighing Scale


Weighing Scale

Weight Machine with Barcode Label Printer


Weight Machine with Barcode Label Printer

Thermal Receipt Printer


80mm Thermal Receipt Printer (USB Port)

Mini Thermal Printer


58mm Mini Thermal Printer (Bluetooth)

Point of Sales & Effective SMS Marketing

Send out SMS to your customers directly to get your message out faster.

Packages SGD Per SMS Total Amount
1,000 SMS 0.0400 SGD 40
3,000 SMS 0.0400 SGD 120
5,000 SMS 0.0390 SGD 195
10,000 SMS 0.0380 SGD 380
20,000 SMS 0.0370 SGD 740
50,000 SMS 0.0350 SGD 1750
sending sms tb
pos system sms marketing

weight machine pos system rs232 port

Best solution for meat, fruits & vegetables stores

  • Laundry Business
  • Wet Markets
  • Market Place
  • Mini Markets

Mall ERP Format Compatible

Manage your daily operations systematically through our retail store and F&B POS systems.

Our POS System will generate reports for the mall management to automatically upload to the mall’s ERP system server.

Mall ERP Setup

Click image above to view daily operational flow.


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Why Choose BMO POS System?

  • Easy to use. Register for FREE.
  • Quick Setup
  • Save Cost
  • Real Time Inventory
  • Free Module Update
  • Intergration

POS Market YouTube Playlist

Here are a selection of POS Market POS system videos that we feel will be of most use to you and the development of your SME businesses. You will learn more about reports of every kind, the ever important GST system in our POS system as well as important features like getting the right shop layout to ensure your business service flow runs smoothly, increasing sales and reducing errors and other possible issues.

View Our Complete YouTube Playlist

Cloud (online) and Offline (on premise) POS system

BizCloud POS system is designed to work online and offline.

  1. Online means you can sync all the data or receipts generated in your POS into web site. Then you can view the receipts from web pages, either using a desktop or mobile phones.
  2. Whilst offline software means you can run the software in your Windows operating system without network. All data are stored in the local database, and the data can be backed up and restore with ease.

Inventory System

The POS system comes with a complete inventory management module built in. It is free with standard package. By using the inventory management system, you can control your items to the very detail. Furthermore, you can ignore some intangible item by setting it to be non physical control.


You can generate barcode system for your own use. Couple with barcode printer, you can even print your own barcode. Then you are able to scan it at the counter when customer make purchase. reducing human errors.


Service and Support

In BizCloud, we provide online and on site support. Currently, all online supports are free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our support is the main features that separate us with our competitors. We provide support without charging you, and we keep update our system to serve you even better. Currently, you can download the latest version from our download page.


If you need us to visit you, we are more than willing to do so, however, there will be charges involve. We strongly encourage all our customers to let us do the online support first. If the problem persist, then we will find other options. Most of the time, 90% of the problems can be solved online.


pos system pos terminal cashier dashboard


Why BizCloud POS System?

  • Easy to use, 30 days Free trial. Register now!
  • Real time inventory updates
  • Free constant module updates
  • Quick setup. Just install BizCloud POS System and key in your BizCloud POS System log in info
  • Cost saving. Subscribe our package which cost only a fraction of what is offered in the market
  • Integration. We design our software to work seamlessly with other in-house software, creating a great user experience to our clients.