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POS System Setup for Retail Stores


Retail BMO POS System Basic


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monitorrecon cputhermal paper 10 rollscash drawerwired barcode scanner80mm Thermal Receipt PrinterPOS Market Customer DisplayKeyboard and Mouse

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Mini BMO POS System


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Retail POS System Features

Call POSMarket today at 1 800 87 7061 to find out more about our Retail POS System

This full set retail management POS system will run perfectly and best suite for Retail store. Simple and effective, this will be the perfect POS System for you! We design BMO Retail POS System with the main vision, versatility. It can be set up and configured for businesses in various fields. A typical retail store needs one or two POS counters. Our BMO Retail Management POS System is well equipped for the general store environment. The normal store setup is simple and works with our standard POS Bundle package.

  1. A monitor with or without touch screen
  2. A keyboard, mouse and CPU
  3. A cash drawer and receipt printer and laser barcode scanner
If your outlet needs more than one POS terminal, you will need to use the client-server setup or cloud-based setup. All features remain the same. Read more about the Cloud-Based Setup & the Client-Server Setup HERE.

Inventory System

POS Market Inventory system helps you to track stock in-out and provide real-time data to control and manage inventory efficiently. The inventory system also reveals an updated inventory count for you and sends automatic stock alerts. Thus, helping you to know what to reorder and when.

It is important to manage your inventory in a retail store because if it is not organized, the time to find your stocks will be taking more time and you will miss out on some stocks because it will be lost somewhere. Keeping the inventory organized = keeping your workflow easy and smooth.

The process is quite simple:

  • Update and count existing stocks that have in the storeroom and record down in the POS System. The item code, color, sizes, and type of item.
  • When new stocks arrived, update the stocks received in the POS System.
  • The system will make the adjustments based on the stocks received and the stock deducted.
  • Even there is multiple branches, the POS system is able to do adjustments based on the completed sales transaction and new stock arrival.
inventory-pos-system class=

Creating Category, Item, and Properties

In a retail store, you can create a category of your items in the category interface. A category is important, so it is easier for you to find a certain item.  To organize your items, you can separate all your items into multiple categories. The category can have multiple children. For example, the product can be further separated into colors and more. The process of creating categories is easy and is demonstrated here.

There are multiple ways to create items in the system. You can import items from the Excel list. Maybe, you do not have an Excel list yet, so you can download an Excel template and fill up the information before you upload it back to our item list. You can always create items from creating an item page too. There are many fields in the create item form, you may ignore most of them but there are a few fields such as manufacturer code that is being used for barcode scanning, physical checks, units are more commonly used. Once a category has been created, the new items of the category can be made in the new item inventory interface. The item name can be in English, Bahasa Malaysia, or Chinese Language. For example, under the category of tops, the items will be T-shirts, formal shirts, singlets, and sweaters.

For each item, the properties can be in the item. Properties such as the material, colors, and sizes of the item sold in the store. Properties are used for special items that need more detailed information. Some of our customers are selling books that need more information such as ISBN numbers.

Stocks Adjustment and Vendor

Inventory is tracked by receiving stocks, adjusting them, and selling them. To receive stocks, you find the receive stock form and you shall see the quantity of the item is increased. The staff can always receive new stocks and keys into the system. The system will automatically update the number of quantities in the system. The system will show you the location of the item in the storeroom and on the rack. In this way, your staff knows where to arrange the items accordingly and is able to find the items.

Besides that, there are many scenarios where you need to make the stock adjustment for your items. For example, customers return items that are spoilt or returned.

The inventory system in BMO allows you to manage vendors. Vendors are the parties where we order the goods from. You can create a vendor list, and then attach the vendors to items that they supply. Each vendor can attach to multiple products.

For every item you received, you can put create and attach the details of the vendor or supplier. This is easier so that you won’t be mistaken about which item is under which vendor. For example, Item X is under vendor from company A, contact number 012-3456789. All these details can be recorded in the system. Hence, next time you want to order the items, you can find the item and contact the vendor directly.

retail pos system barcode

Create, Print, and Scan Barcode System

You can use our POS system to generate manufacturing or custom barcodes with price, item descriptions, etc. The barcode labels are a great tool to label your store products and track them systematically. POSMarket POS system is capable to connect directly to the thermal barcode printer and perform single or bulk printing of barcodes. The printed barcode is clear enough for your laser barcode scanner to scan it in a fraction of a second.

Once the selling item’s information is in the POS System, you can now generate and print your barcode labels using POSMarket Thermal Label Printer. Print barcode labels to stick on the items for a quicker payment and checkout. You can customize the barcode label by adding the price, item name, colors, and material. With such information on the price tag, consumers will feel more confident in purchasing items.

With the barcode label ready on your items, use the POSMarket barcode scanner and just scan the products to proceed Save for payment. Not only payment, but you can also scan the products for an inventory check. To check how much quantity is left, the expiry date, the vendor, cost, and selling price. Everything you need will be in the system for you to refer to. Hence, after a successful sales transaction, the POS System will perform stock adjustments or inventory adjustments based on the number of items sold during the checkout. The good thing is you do not always have to check your inventory!

Most of the items that come with a warranty have serial numbers. BMO POS system integrates a process flow from receiving the item, entering all the serial, and then setting the item as serial control and finally recording the serial when it is sold. You can always trace back the item by searching the serial number.

SQL Accounting Data Import & Export

Our POS system includes a wide range of business reports, cost-based query, and dynamic reports structures to give a detailed insight into your business performance. SQL Accounting Software is a great accounting software solution that enables you to:

  • Direct export to SQL accounting system.
  • Direct export to CSV for your accountant.
  • SQL Accounting provides many invoices and many printing formats. All you need is to download the SQL Excel template via the link provided at our POSMarket website.
  • Export the inventory list from our POSMarket POS System and paste it directly to the sheet titled StockGroup. Make sure the stated columns are filled up, namely: Sales, Sales Returned, Cash Sales, Purchase, Cash Purchase, Purchase Return, Costing Method.
  • Copy the relevant data from the exported Inventory List from POS System and export the POS system’s Contact list.
  • Export receipt list from POSMarket POS System, after which you can import the receipt list to SQL.
  • Exporting files in XML / CSV / PDF format.
retail pos system sql accounting
retail pos system multiple payment

Multiple Payment Types

POSMarket POS System gives you the freedom to choose payment methods that are right for your business needs such as:

  • Pay by points
  • Customer debts undertaking

POSMarket POS System provides more freedom and flexibility in offering various payment methods to your customers. Our POS System allows your customers to pay through cash, credit card, debit card, and E-Wallet! Besides that, the POS System accepts vouchers and coupons as a form of payment method too besides setting deposit payment features for bigger detailing jobs.

E-wallet Integration

With the POS system,  jewellery business will be more flexible when offering various payment methods to customers. Flexible paying with cash, credit card, debit card, and E-Wallet! Our POS System is integrated with most E-Wallets merchandise, giving your customers more choices to make their payment. Supported E-Wallets are TnG, Boost, Maybank QR Pay, GrabPay, WeChat Pay, MCash, UnionPay)

Besides that, the POS System accepts vouchers and coupons as a form of payment method too besides setting deposit payment features. There are 2 methods for E-Wallet:

Merchant Scan
The process requires a QR Code Reader:

  • Customer scan during payment
  • In the POS system, select E-Wallet Merchant Scan (e.g: Boost E-Wallet)
  • The customer opens the QR code display on the phone
  • The customer scans at the QR Code reader
  • Successful payment
  • Generates receipt
Customer Scan
The process is pretty simple:

  • Customer scan during payment
  • In the POS system, select E-Wallet Customer Scan (e.g: Boost E-Wallet) the QR code will be displayed on the dual-screen
  • The customer scans the QR code
  • After successful payment
  • Receipt generated
retail pos system e-wallet integration
retail pos system attendance system integrated

Attendance System Integrated

The POS System with Attendance System integrated as a standalone login terminal to login with:

  • Staff username and password
  • Magnetic access card
  • Fingerprint

You can use POS System with Attendance System integrated as a standalone login terminal to login with the staff username and password, RFID card or fingerprint. For example:

  • James scans in by RFID card, he can scan out by using fingerprint.
  • Hannah scan in using fingerprint, she can scan out by RFID card.
  • Owen logs in staff username and password to scan in, he can scan out using RFID card or fingerprint.

Easy to Use, Multiple Stations Ready

Your business can benefit from Retail POS System because it is easy to use and allows your employees to increase sales faster. Our POS System is suitable for single station, multi-station, multi-lane or multi-store POS applications.

  • Shopkeepers friendly
  • Able to setup multiple stations like supermarket
retail pos system multiple stations
retail pos system cloud sync

Sync to Cloud

BMO POS system is developed specifically to bring all your retail business into one place and remotely monitor your business. Just sync and backup all sales data or receipts generated in your Cloud-based Retail POS system directly from your POS System. You can use these features for:

  • Remote administration
  • Remote reporting
  • Cloud backup

Creating and Completing Sales

There are a few scenarios when making sales, we can simply pick items from the item list then insert the tendered amount, and finally complete the sales. If customers make an order first, we click on order and only complete the sales when the customer completes the payment which can be after a meal, or even after a few months or longer period.

To complete a sale, the customer must make a payment, the payment can be made using multiple methods. For example, partially using cash and the rest with credit cards or other methods. Once a sale is completed, you can generate receipts for users. One special feature of BMO would be a receipt-less feature where users can scan a QR to get the receipt directly into their mobile phone. This is only able to achieve with the online feature of the BMO POS system.

creating completing sales pos system
online software hardware support pos system

Online Software and Hardware Support

We provide you with our software online support via TeamViewer. We appreciate and prioritize our customers for choosing POSMarket, hence keeping their satisfaction towards our POS System. We provide FREE 3 Years Online Support to our customers. Besides software support, our support team is proficient in hardware support as well. We are your “One-Stop Support for Hardware and Software”!

Besides online support using TeamViewer, we are operating seven days per week, with different working hours on the weekends. Any issues you may reach us on the following, and we will give our full support from our technical team via phone calls, email, WhatsApp, and internet remote support. Here are all our contact details:

  • Penang Branch: +604 642 0621
  • Johor Bahru Branch: +607 361 8927
  • Kuala Lumpur Branch: +603 2780 3880 / +603 7980 1388
  • Malaysia Toll Free: 1 800 87 7061
  • Email: sales@bizcloud.asia

Popular Features in Retail Stores

Stock Receive and Adjustment

When your stock arrives, your shopkeeper staff will be able to receive stock. The system will immediately update the offline POS terminal and when sync button is pressed, the data will be sent online. If there is a need to do adjustment, you can go to the stock form and adjust the quantity. There is a cost for each item for profit calculation.

As most shops need to do stock count, we have built the function for stock count inside BMO POS System for more convenience.

Petty Cash Control

BMO POS system comes with full set of POS System for Retail Store where you can view the petty cash available, cash in and cash out.

Moreover with BMO Cloud POS System, you can sync your store data to our online POS System and view the report online too. Each POS terminal will have ONE petty cash account for in and ONE for out.

Daily Sales, Profit Report

BMO POS System is able to print out reports or even send the report directly to an email for your management team. However, you must have internet connection. There are various reports you can choose from.

Void and Refund

When customer wants a refund for their purchase and return the receipt, you have the choice to recover the quantity and reopen the receipt. Also, the Retail POS System will recover the petty cash amount after purchase void or refunding.


Unlimited Categories and Subcategories

You have no limit restriction when create categories and sub categories, you can create as much as you like. Each of the sub category might not belong to only one parent category.

Item Reorder Alert

When your item on hand value is lower or equal to the re-order level threshold, the pos system will send you an alert message to remind you that the item available quantity is low. So that you can order the item again before the item out of stock.