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POS System Downloads

File TitleFile SizeVersionDateActionSetup Guide
BMO Offline POS Client
(POS Terminal)
CRM System Offline213MB
More about CRM Software
Workshop System197MB300182_CS09/11/2022DownloadMore about Workshop System
POS Barcode Printer Software202MB30018209/11/2022DownloadPOS System with Barcode Settings
POS Market Bundle Brochure26/01/2022Download POS Market Bundle Brochure
E-Leave Package Brochure26/01/2022Download E-Leave Package Brochure
BMO Invoicing Brochure26/01/2022Download BMO Invoicing Brochure
QMS Brochure 20/09/2021 Download QMS Brochure
POS System Manual03/01/2019Download POS System Manual
Door Access Guide13/06/2022Download Door Access Guide
Membership Card Printing Guideline08/12/2016Download Membership Card Printing Guideline
Mobiweb Company Profile18/07/2016Download Mobiweb Company Profile
File TitleImportanceRelease DateActionGuide
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer)Urgent2011Visit WebsiteClick HERE
SQLite Framework 4.0 32-bit WindowsUrgent2010DownloadClick HERE
SQLite Framework 4.0 64-bit WindowsUrgent2010Download-
Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 Service Pack 2 (SSCERuntime-ENU)UrgentDownloadClick HERE
Windows Imaging Component 32 BitUrgent2009Download-
Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable (v2)Urgent2005Download-
U.are.U 4500 Thumbprint ReaderUrgent-DownloadClick HERE
DBTools (Fix Bugged POS Database)Optional2013DownloadClick HERE
DeviceFile TitleImportanceVersionActionGuide Link
BMO Online POS System Weight Scale with Barcode Label PrinterWeight Machine with Barcode Label Printer
**Chinese & English character available device only-Download-
Weight Machine with Barcode Label Printer
**English character available device onlyDownload
BMO Online POS System Terminal Touch ScreeneGalaxTouchUrgent5.12DownloadClick Here
POS 80mm Thermal Receipt PrinterPOS 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer (SGT-88IV)--Download-
POS Terminal 80mm Thermal Receipt PrinterPOS 80mm Thermal Printer with Auto Cutter (OCPP-809)
For Window XP, Vista, 7
--DownloadClick Here
POS 80mm Thermal Printer with Auto Cutter (OCPP-809)
For Window 8 / 10
--DownloadClick Here
Mini Thermal PrinterPOS 80 Thermal Printer with Auto Cutter (OCPP-806)Urgent5.10DownloadClick Here
POS System 58mm Thermal PrinterPOS 58 Thermal Printer with Manual Cutter (OCPP-586)
(For Window XP, Vista & 7)
Urgent-DownloadClick Here
POS 58 Thermal Printer with Manual Cutter (OCPP-586)
(For Win 8 / 10)
Urgent-DownloadClick Here
Mini Thermal PrinterThermal Printer Dotx 80250 64bit / 32bitUrgent-Download-
80mm Thermal Printer80MM Thermal Printer with Auto Cutter (OCPP-806)Urgent-Download-
POS Terminal EPSON Thermal PrinterEPSON Advanced Printer 4Urgent4.07Download-
POS Terminal Seagull Scientific TSC TDP 245 Thermal Barcode PrinterTSC TDP 245 Thermal Barcode Printer (for XP/ Vista)-7.1.4DownloadClick Here
Runtouch RT-P80101B Thermal Barcode Printer
(for Windows 7 / 8 / 10)
-7.1.4DownloadClick Here
Runtouch RT-P80101B Thermal Barcode Printer
(for all Window OS)
Latest Driver-Download-
Barcode PrinterBarcode Label Printer ZJ-9210 Urgent1.2.3Download-
POS Terminal Stand DisplayPos Display Model VFC-850-AUrgent2.10DownloadClick Here
POS Terminal Stand DisplayPartnertech CD7220-UN Stand Display
Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / 8 / 10
(32 bits / 64 bits)
Urgent-DownloadClick Here
POS Terminal Stand DisplayRocentech Pole Display
(For Window XP)
Rocentech Pole Display
(For Window Vista, 7, 8 and 10)
Rocentech Pole Display
(For Window XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10)
Rocentech Pole Display
(For Window XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10)
Urgent (Serial Control D)1.12.0Download-
POS Terminal Stand DisplayOCOM POS DisplayUrgent-DownloadClick Here
DeviceFile TitleImportanceVersionActionGuide
IC Reader (Identity Card Reader)EZ100PU IC READERUrgentDownload-
-80mm USB DriverUrgent5.0Download-
Cash Drawer USB TriggerCash Drawer MK410Urgent10.5DownloadClick Here
Cash Drawer USB Trigger for Window 7BT-100U USB driver (WIN7)Urgent-Download-
Cash Drawer USB Trigger for Window 8Cash Drawer MK410 for Window 8Urgent-Download-
Cash Drawer USB Trigger for Window 10Cash Drawer PL2303 for Window 10Urgent204Download
Thermal PrinterDotx-80220 Thermal PrinterUrgent8.0Download-
Thermal PrinterDotx-X7645 Thermal PrinterUrgent7.0Download-
-GP80DRVEN V7Urgent7.0Download-
-GP80DRVEN V10Urgent10.0Download-
USB Fingerprint ReaderURU4500 USB Fingerprint ReaderUrgent1.6.1Download-
80mm WiFi Thermal PrinterRP80W--DownloadClick Here
RT 58mm Thermal Receipt PrinterP5890A (For Window 7 & 8)Urgent-Download-
P5890A (For Window XP, Vista & 7)Urgent-Download-
Mini Thermal PrinterBluetooth 58mm Mini Thermal PrinterUrgent1.0.0.4Download-
OCPP-806 Thermal Receipt PrinterThermal Printer 80mm for Windows 8 64 bitsUrgent-Download-
OCPP-586 Thermal Receipt PrinterThermal Printer 58mm for Windows 8--Download
POS DisplayVFD220FUrgent-Download-
50 Keys Matrix POS KeyboardPKB-50-1.5Download-
USB to Serial RS-232 Cable ConverterCliptec OCB303-204Download-
Weight Machine with Barcode Label PrinterTM-Aa-5d--Download-