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Beauty Salon BMO POS System

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Beauty Standard POS System

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Beauty Salon POS System Features

Service and Product Management:

Efficiently managing services and products is crucial for a salon. BMO Salon POS system allows salons to easily input, and track services offered, manage inventory, set pricing, and handle variations like discounts, promotions, or package deals.

User-Friendly Interface:

BMO Salon POS system is intuitive and easy to use, even for staff with minimal technical knowledge. BMO Salon system comes with a user-friendly interface, customizable settings, and comprehensive training and support options.

Service Record Details:

Having detailed service records information helps salon owners provide personalized service to the customers. BMO Salon POS system maintains service record details, such as previous treatments, preferences, or allergies, enables stylists to deliver a tailored experience.

Customer Support:

Reliable and responsive customer support is crucial for troubleshooting issues or getting assistance when needed. BMO Salon POS system offers prompt customer support through various channels, such as phone, email, or live chat.

Cost and Affordability:

Finally, the overall cost and affordability of a POS system play a significant role in the decision-making process. BMO Salon POS system offers salon owners with low upfront costs, optional monthly subscription fees or onetime payment, low-cost additional hardware requirements, and no potential hidden costs, ensuring the system fits within your budget.

Cloud and Scalability:

BMO POS system can be used with cloud, admin can access data from remote. If the salon expands into multiple outlets, BMO POS system is able to support it without problem, the membership information and points can be linked to all the outlets.

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The Beauty Salon BMO POS System or Salon Management System is a carefully designed BMO POS System for beauticians and people of the industry to fully support all beauty salon businesses at the start-up stage right up to expansion into a full-blown industry influencer.

Commission System

Manage your staff easily and maximize your human capital investments to produce greater returns. Track salesperson performance by setting up an efficient commissions system to motivate and duly reward well-performing employees.

hair salon pos system commission
hair salon pos system level commission

1 Level Commission System

Hair Salon BMO POS System supports:

  • Multiple services by report
  • Membership system

Appointment System

The easy appointment system lets you maximize your business time and accurately schedule staff without overbooking or overstaffing.

  • Easy to use appointment system
  • Calendar view and list view of appointments
hair salon pos system appointment
hair salon pos system payment

Flexible Payment System

Give your customers various options in paying for your goods & services. Our Hair Salon BMO POS System allows customers to:

  • Pay advance for 10 times services and use 1 each visit
  • Offer deposit payment for session based packages and more
  • Membership point system which let customers collect loyalty points in exchange for cash vouchers, gifts, and other options

Items Inventory

The efficient Hair Salon BMO POS System will enable you to keep track of add-on products & services you sell at the shop as well as give a clear indication of batch control monitoring.

  • In-out item inventory
  • Create item sets
hair salon pos system inventory
hair salon pos system contact management

Comprehensive Contact Management

Our Hair Salon BMO POS System includes contact management, which lets you track customer information, such as contact details, transaction history, and preferences. You can set preferences for SMS notifications, and take notes on a customer, such as preferences for brands, skincare, hair color, or any other service or product.

  • SMS marketing integration
  • Save contact details
  • Group contacts

Service Record Details

In Hair Salon BMO POS System, you may able to insert, edit, search and view past served customers, on-hand tasks, and service updates as well as pending tasks.

hair salon pos system service records
hair salon pos system membership


You can create many kinds of membership levels with our integrated membership system. We have helped many restaurant owners to retain customer loyalty with our affordable membership system.

  • Manage membership price
  • Membership expiry date
  • Membership with points
  • Membership with discounts

POS Salon Customer Setup

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hair salon pos system bangsarHair Salon – Bangsar

hair salon pos system kuala lumpurHair Salon – Kuala Lumpur

hair salon pos system quill mall kuala lumpurHair Salon – Quill Mall

hair salon pos system bandar baru uda johorHair Salon – Johor

beauty care pos system johor bahruBeauty Care – Johor Bahru

beauty care pos system perakBeauty Care – Perak

beauty centre pos system georgetownBeauty Centre – Georgetown

beauty centre pos system kuala lumpurBeauty Centre – Kuala Lumpur

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fitness centre pos system jitraFitness Centre – Jitra, Kedah

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