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POS System Rental

rent a pos invoicing system

Organize your sales events easily without increasing operational costs with our simple Rent-A-POS system deal!


Full POS System Bundle

(Software & Hardware)

SGD 39/day

rent a pos system hardware


Rent a POS / Invoicing System

If you are running an expo, taking part in events or setting up booths in a mall and you need extra POS Systems for short term usage, Rent-A-POS is what you need! It’s even better if you are using a Cloud POS system. You will then be able to sync the data into your current Accounting System to avoid bookkeeping issues. We offer the POS System solutions that can fulfill your short term demands. We will assist you in every way we can to make it work. Rent a POS system is reliable, cost-effective, flexible, and scalable.

Call POSMarket today to Rent-a-POS System from us at 1 800 87 7061

POS SystemPrice
Full POS System (Software + Hardware)SGD 39 / day
POS System (Hardware only)SGD 18 / day
POS system (Software only)SGD 18 / day
Server POS + Multiple ClientsSGD 28 / day / machine
Additional Hardware Rental
Customer Display SGD 7 / day
Touch Screen Monitor SGD 11 / day
LED Display PanelSGD 11 / day
Lease Description1 POS Station
Lease PriceSGD 39 / day
Lease to OwnAvailable. Please Contact our Sales Team.
On-Site StandbySGD 214 / 8 hours
DepositSGD 357 (refundable)
On-Site TrainingSGD 71 (Penang, Klang Valley & Johor)
Extensive Remote Training Included
WarrantyEntire Term
Basic Support9am – 6pm

Choose Your Hardware

We have ready stock POS System Bundles for every business, we can cater to your POS System Rental needs easily. All you need to do is contact us with the type of event you would like to organize. Then, we supply you with the best information and quote on the POS system setup you should get from us. You have the option to choose from renting a POS System such as:

POS Hardware ONLY
POS Software ONLY
Full POS Hardware & Software
Server POS + Multiple Clients
rent a pos hardware

rent a pos payment

E-wallet Payment Ready

POS Market POS System gives you the freedom to choose the payment processor methods or partners that are perfect for your business needs.

  • Cash, Credit Cards, Coupon, Points Redemption
  • E-Wallet, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Touch and Go Acceptance, etc.

Move your customers through your lines quicker and give customers the ability to pay how they want. Saves time, avoid errors, scam proof secured payment process, and sales report available.

Your Event Solutions

POS Market specializes in providing cost-effective options for rent of point of sales equipment to support your business’s long and short-term goals. We can help your business operations running in minutes and have your teams trained very quickly.

We offer the POS System Rental Service for small and large events. You can choose whether to rent single or multiple stations for your events! Do not worry about the deposit, fast deposit return once the events finished!

rent a pos event solution

rent a pos real time inventory

Manage Real-Time Inventory

Track your inventory and re-stock alerts in real-time so you know what to reorder and when. Reveals inventory count, automated stock alerts, and generates purchase orders to make sure you are always well-stocked.

Store Customer Information

Deploy customer engagement through our POS System. Record customer information using the POS System and communicate with them regularly to keep your business engaging. Turn every sale into a repeat sale by improving customer relationships. Personalize every shopping experience with personalized notes, purchase history, and contact information.

rent a pos customer information

rent pos system benefits

Benefits of Rent-A-POS by POSMarket

Rent a POS Solution helps you to plan your budget effectively. The entire POS System solution can be acquired in a single hit and use method. Other benefits of Rent A POS Solutions are:

  • Keep Cash on Hand
  • Overcome Limited Budget
  • Warranty Protection
  • Free Shipping
  • Best Prices
  • One Time Payment
  • Maximise ROI
  • Leasing Benefit

On-Site Support Available

Training and on-site support are available. From set up to installation, on-going technical support services, etc. Our highly trained and motivated support team can help your organization to work more productively.

We deliver and set up the POS System at your venue or event. Having that extra hand on-site can ease a lot of event day stress and we are happy to provide some relief!

rent a pos onsite support

rent pos system training

Training Available

POS Market POS System is highly customized to suit any business industry. On-site support and training are readily available to help the installation go smoothly. Tutorials, how-to videos, free online POS System Demo, and professional technical support is available at every step for better business management. Our comprehensive training materials and personnel are available for all our customers.

Easy Leasing Procedure

We can cater to your POS System Rental needs easily with our ready stock POS System bundles for all industries especially for retail and food & beverages. We offer tailor-made rentals designed to fit any budget and combined with POS Market POS software solution, you can use it in any multiple store types.

All you need to do is contact us with the type of event you would like to join or organize and we can supply you the best information as well as the POS system setup quote.

rent pos system easy leasing

Small and Medium-Size Events

Single Counter Cash Only – Mall Fair Sale (Stationaries)

mall stationaries fair rental
mall stationaries fair rental

Multi-Counter Cash Only – Warehouse Sale (Sportsware Clothing)

rent pos multicounter
rent pos multicounter


Multi-Counter Cash Only – Warehouse Sale (Kids Clothing)

rent pos multicounter
rent pos multicounter

Multi-Counter Cash Only – Warehouse Sale (Stationeries)

rent pos multicounter
rent pos multicounter


Multi-Counter Cash & Multi Venue Sale Event

rent pos multicounter
rent pos multicounter

Single Counter Sales Event – F&B

rent pos multicounter
rent pos multicounter


Singapore Food Fair

rent pos multicounter

Singapore Warehouse Sales

rent pos multicounter