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Pet Shop POS System


Why choose our Pet Shop POS System

Deal with Cloud Based System

With Pet Shop POS System, you can run your business smoothly without worrying about data and systems not integrating.

You can now store your data on the cloud, access it from anywhere inside or outside of your shop, and even ring up your customer purchases.

Call POSMarket today at 1 800 87 7061 to find out more about Pet Shop POS System

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Manage Business Effectively

  1. Easy keep track and update your stocks
  2. Manage your business inventory and warehouse in different branches
  3. Create item to add new stocks
  4. Alert when there are low quantities of stock

Increase Customers’ Loyalty

  1. To improve customers’ loyalty, loyalty program can be implemented
  2. Pet Shop POS System helps your shop to keep track on your customer’s spending, points and identify the customer’s member ranking.

Ring Up Sales Efficiently

  1. Improve order accuracy and streamline checkout with barcode scanning technology
  2. Generate and print barcode labels for any item in your store
  3. Train managers and cashiers in minutes

Retail POS System

Comes with all the features you need to run a retail outlet