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Pet Shop POS System

pet shop pos system

Pet Shop BMO POS System

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Pet Shop BMO POS System Features

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Update Pet Photos through the App

Users can easily upload and update photos of their pets directly through the application. This feature enhances the visual documentation of pets over time, helping to track changes in appearance or health.


Appointment System with Reminders

Enables users to schedule appointments for their pets, and the system sends reminders to both the pet owners and service providers. It helps in better organization and ensures that pet owners don’t miss important appointments.


Transaction Details Linked to Pet Job Sheets

Every transaction made, such as payments or purchases related to pet care, is linked and recorded on the respective pet’s job sheet. This ensures transparent financial tracking and provides a comprehensive history of services rendered.


Pet Job Sheet Records with Photo Attachments

Detailed records of each pet’s care, including medical history, grooming, and other services, are stored in job sheets. The ability to attach photos allows for visual documentation of specific incidents, progress, or any notable changes in the pet’s condition.


Inventory Management of Medications

The system manages the inventory of medications, allowing for precise tracking of batch numbers. This is crucial for ensuring the quality and traceability of medications administered to pets. Alerts can be set for low stock, expiration dates, and batch-specific information.


Link Pet Owner Details to the Pet List

Connects the pet owner’s details to the corresponding pet profiles, creating a centralized and easily accessible database. This linkage facilitates efficient communication and ensures that relevant information about the owner is readily available when needed.

Manage Business Effectively

  1. Easy keep track and update your stocks
  2. Manage your business inventory and warehouse in different branches
  3. Create item to add new stocks
  4. Alert when there are low quantities of stock

Increase Customers Loyalty

  1. To improve customers’ loyalty, a loyalty program can be implemented
  2. Pet Shop POS System helps your shop to keep track of your customer’s spending, points, and identify the customer’s member ranking.

Ring Up Sales Efficiently

  1. Improve order accuracy and streamline checkout with barcode scanning technology
  2. Generate and print barcode labels for any item in your store
  3. Train managers and cashiers in minutes

Deal with Cloud-Based System

With Gym BMO POS System, you can run your business smoothly without worrying about data and systems not syncing. By having all your information in one place, you can log in to the cloud to view reports, adjust inventory, prices, and other operations.