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Cash Drawer


Cash Drawer Features

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Adjustable and Removable Holders

Simple design cash drawer with durable stainless steel cash bill holders, adjustable money clip (wire grips) & dividers. It provides sufficient space for cash classification and placed according to the amount of different bank notes. The removable tray coin gives the extra option to carry out the coin separately from the cash drawer.



POS Market Cash Drawer has a simple design durable and elegant appearance. The cash drawer are solid material, covered with steel construction and textured hybrid powder coat and thick gauge cold rolled steel & SEC.

3 Position Locks

Our Cash Drawer is secured with 3-position locking latch alone with the flexible insert case not only provides effortless security, but also ensures high performance and efficiency. The 3-position lock latch features three functions such as Lock the drawer, manual open the drawer and electronically. You are able to open the cash drawer electronically using POS Market POS terminal without the key.


Certified by POS Market Support Team

Our POS Market support team is here to ensure all your POS solutions needs are handled with care. Support team will doing the unit testing, cleans, and stress test to ensure all units are working fine before selling to the customer.

Cash Drawer for POS System

Cash drawers are one of the core components to every Point of Sale System. They may be the simplest part of your POS but making sure you have the right cash drawer is key. POSMarket offers a complete range of high-quality cash drawers and accessories to make your daily cash handling operations fast, secure and error-free.
Whether you process dozens or thousands of cash transactions per day, we have the ideal point-of-sale setup for you. Choose mini, standard size and flip-top drawers that opens electronically or by hand; then add in lockable trays for ultimate security and ease of use.


Standard Cash Drawer Heavy Duty with 5 Segments

It is a POS MARKET eletrical or manual open cash register machine with 5 adjustable bill holders and 5 removable coin holders. The space saver size fits under POS systems or receipt printer and comes with a locking cash tray cover. It is secure to use this cash drawer as this cash drawer has 3 disc tumbler key locks for extra security. It will open automatically when you complete a sale. An alarm bell sounds each time the drawer is open. However, it can be de-activated if necessary. The cash drawer is now available in black colours. This is one of our best selling product because we are one of the point of sales hardware provider in Malaysia.


Specifications of Standard Cash Drawer Heavy Duty with 5 Segments

Materials Flip top: 0.08cm SPCC powder spray the surface of cold rolled plate
Bottom: 0.08cm SECC fingerprint-resistant plate
Bill Tray Four position width: 7.85/7.85/7.3/7.65cm
Length:7.4cm; Depth: 4.7cm
Coin Tray 5 removable position
Length: 7.4cm; Width: 5cm; Depth: 3.8cm
Lock 3-positions locks
Power 12V / 24V for option
Lifetime Tested to minimum one million cycles
Interface RJ11
Weight 7.40Kg
Dimensions 41cm (L) X 42cm (W) X 10cm (H)

Flip Top Cash Drawer

The Flip-Top Cash Drawer lid flips up to open and provide access to the currency in the drawer. This narrow depth cash drawer provides easy access to the coin and vertical bill storage whether the clerk is seated or standing at the Point of Sale. The lid opens fully every time, ensuring easy access to the contents of the till. A centrally located release mechanism allows the lid to be latched securely without slamming. POS Market Flip-Top Cash Drawer significantly reduces twisting and bending to access the drawer, saves space, decreases transaction times, and improves service as the cashier need not turn away from the customer.


Specifications of Flip Top Cash Drawer

Materials Thick gauge cold rolled steel & SEC; Textured hybrid powder coat
Frame Thick gauge cold rolled steel & SECC
Bill Tray Adjustable money clip (wire grips) & dividers
Coin Tray Removable coin tray
6B/8C, 8B/8C as standard
Lock 3-positions locks (locked, manual open and electrically online)
Interface RJ11/RJ12
Power 12V / 24V for option
Color Black
Net Weight 5.40kgs/11.9Lbs
Gross Weight 6.0Kgs/13.2Lbs
Dimensions 52cm (L) X 23cm (W) X 15cm (H)
Accessories & Options Micro-switch Sensor
Stainless Cover Top

Mini Cash Drawer

Mini Cash Drawer QE-300 is the ideal choice for businesses needing a compact, medium-duty solution. Available as small as 30cm (W) x 36cm (D) x 8cm (H), the QE-300 is small enough to be used in mobile payment stations such as kiosks or food vendor carts. The cash drawer uses a quick disconnect cable to interface with most receipt printers, making installation on the snap.


Specifications of Mini Cash Drawer

Frame Thick gauge cold rolled steel & SEC
Heavy-duty ball bearing rollers
Materials Thick gauge cold rolled steel & SEC; textured hybrid powder coat
Bill Tray Adjustable money clip (wire grips) & dividers
Coin Tray Removable coin tray
3B/4C as standard
Lock 3-positions locks (locked, manual open and electrically online)
Power Solenoid unit with 6V/9V/12V/24V
Interface RJ11/RJ12
Lifetime Tested to 1,000,000 cycles
Color Black
Net Weight 3.50Kg
Gross Weight 4.20Kgs/9.3Lbs
Dimensions 30cm (W) X 36cm (D) X 8cm (H)
Accessories & Options Micro-switch Sensor
Stainless Steel Drawer Front
USB or Serial interface
Emergent button in case of power off