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Electronic Cash Register

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Cash Register Machine


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cash register pos market
cash register pos market
cash register pos market
cash register pos market
cash register pos market

Electronic Cash Register Machine Features

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Electronic Cash Register

Electronic cash register provides many useful services across a wide range of sales businesses. Including retail stores, food and drink outlets, and more. It will ensure that the checkout stage of your business is as fast and seamless as possible. It can provide a secure, accurate way to process customer sales transactions and also record daily sales information.

Multiple Functions

POS Market smart cash registers, equipped with a customer friendly rear display, essentials such as 48 keys, and multiple report functions. This helps to boost day-to-day business operations and suits any retail or F&B environment.

cash register multiple function
cash register easy-to-use

Easy to Use

Simple interface packed with the main features you need to run your retail operation. No setup or startup fees involved. Easy to maintain and modern business solution.

48 Keys

High quality 48 Keys automatic electronic POS Cash Register and equipped with Chinese & English keyboard. It also has a 4 color damp proof button and easy for users to operate.

cash register 48 keys
durable cash register


POS Market industrial steel cash register is sturdy and suitable for limited counter-space applications. Reliable for daily heavy-duty tasks. The 3-position key locks provide add-on security for your store’s income.

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining this cash register at tiptop condition is easy. Business owners can easily check cash input and cash output records at the cash register. Tidy cash register throughout the day with sufficient columns for bill tray and coins tray.

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cash register X Z report

Multiple Reports

Our Cash Register can print 17 kinds of basic reports on different permissions and you can set some of the reports to print out together. Examples of reports available are 31 days records of daily reports, 3 months records of monthly reports, X and Z Reports, etc for retail shops or restaurants bookkeeping purposes.

Uses 58mm Receipt Paper Roll

The printer is the movement of 58mm thermal printer, can print 32 characters or 16 words. The cash register is also equipped with an auto-cutter for receipts.

cash register 58mm paper roll
cash register customer display

Customer Display

Customer display using 8 lines LED digital tube, the display will show sales amount in selling mode and show real-time in non-selling mode.

Benefits Of Using Cash Register

For small businesses, the purchase of a standard electronic cash register is a more cost-effective investment even though you begin out with a low-cost model. Once your business grows, you can upgrade to the Retail Shop POS System. This electronic cash register is also ideal for F&B environments ranging from food kiosks to large food courts.

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Why Buy POS Market Cash Register?

POS Market Cash Register VS Competitor S
8 lines LED Customer display No customer display
36 departments Departments 8 departments
10000 items (PLUs) PLUs / item 200 items (PLUs)
6 rates VAT / TAX 4 rates
Multiple reports, 31 days records of daily reports Reports 3000 lines
RS232 & USB Port Interface No RS-232 Port


  • Collector screen use LCM 128*64 dot matrix, words show 16*16 dot matrix.
  • Customer screen use 8 lines LED digital tube.
  • Use 58mm thermal line dot printer movement (FTP-628MCL), each line can print 32 characters or 16 words.
  • Can choose 58mm printer paper, then use it, the cash register can print 34*34 lattice.
  • 48 keys, Chinese & English keyboard, easy for uses to operate.
  • Two serial interface connections can connect PC and laser scanner and thermal printer.
  • The total input a total and total amount of less than one million
  • 10000 PLUs, 250 tables can be opened.
  • 36 departments.
  • Can delimit 20 sets of a set meal/package sales.
  • Can print 17 kinds of reports basic on the different permissions, also the users can set some of them to print out together.
  • Can calculate the profit of sale goods, then print out the profit reports.
  • Program setting can clear totally and clear parts. (Reset factory default)
  • Printing of sales support abbreviation words, open table/set meal package/serial number/commodity name.
  • Thermal printer support 2 POS58, copy/kitchen printing/sub-windows printing/sub-bill printing.
  • Commodity stock alarm control. (XZ reports)
  • Support balance code function.
  • Support printing of error correction and in-out bills.
  • Support function of code character filtered.
  • Support functions of commission basis on the sales amount both collectors and clerks.
  • Support 31 days records of daily reports, three months records of monthly reports.
  • Support U-disk up-down load reports or programming data.