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The main component of a point of sale system is the CPU, or computer that runs the software. It may have a standard operating system running the machine or it may come loaded with proprietary software from the POS software vendor. It is wise to use your POS computer for only sales transactions, reports, and inventory control. This means you should resist the urge to use your point of sale system for any Internet activities.

Mini CPU

Find your perfect Mini CPU for the traditional computing power you need packed into a more compact device that takes up less of your space and fit your aesthetics. Mini CPU are full-capability computers small enough to tuck away in a drawer.


Reconditioned CPU

High Performance Recon CPU help lower maintenance costs and protect your assets with a range of remote management technologies. Easy to deploy and manage with enhanced manageability with Intel Core processors with vPro Technology. It also help lower operating costs with optional power management solutions and options such as 89% energy efficient power supplies, all supplementing an inherently power efficient electrical system design. POS Market provide service to the CPU which is our support team doing the unit testing, cleans, and stress test to ensure all units are working fine.

Dell CPU

A modern, compact desktop redesigned to provide maximum power and take up minimum space. The Dell Inspiron Desktop PC has everything you need to compute on the go. Microsoft Windows 10 lets you complete any task for any restaurants or retail stores.


All in One Touch Screen PC

All in One Touch Screen POS Terminal is an excellent POS system that fulfills all your visual and functional demands in any industry especially in F&B industry such as milk tea shops, cafes, pizzeria and etc. This much anticipated all-in-one POS system features sleek and stylish exterior with piano gloss finish, giving your counter a refreshing and elegant look.

Certified by POS Market Support Team

Our POS Market support team is here to ensure all your POS solutions needs are handled with care. Support team will doing the unit testing, cleans, and stress test to ensure all units are working fine before selling to the customer.