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Gym Setup

Gym Standard POS System

Gym POS System

Packages include:

monitorcpucash drawerwired barcode scanner80mm Thermal Receipt PrinterKeyboard and Mousethermal paper 10 rollsKeyboard and Mouse

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Gym POS System Features

Call POSMarket today at 1 800 87 7061 to find out more about POS Optical Store System


Membership Management

  1. Encourage the frequent use of the membership programs by introducing exclusive discounts for members and elite club members.


  1. There are various reports you can choose from. The settings are simple and POS System is easy to use.

Inventory Management

  1. Manage your member data effectively with lists that grow and expand as records are updated.

Deal with Cloud-Based System

With Gym POS System , you can run your business smoothly without worrying about data and systems not syncing. By having all your information in one place, you can log in to the cloud to view reports, adjust inventory, prices, and other operation.