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Restaurant (Food and Beverage)


Features of Food and Beverages POS System

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POS System

At POS Market, we offer a full range of F&B (Food and Beverages) POS solutions to all kinds of restaurant.

POS system is an essential tool for restaurants and cafe. We designed the BMO Restaurant POS System to be versatile and easily configured to suit most restaurant environment. A typical restaurant consist of many components, such as:

Advanced cafe and restaurant POS system to help you manage staff, customers, inventory and profit easily. F&B POS System can easily configured to suit most restaurant environment.


F&B POS Bundle

POS System package includes:

  • FULL SET Software & Hardware
  • Software Lifetime Online Support
  • One Time Payment
From RM 1999
Price not inclusive of setup & installation charges.


Our F&B POS System have built in table reservation management and options for reservations. You can reserve table for your customer with calendar features e.g date and time, essential for managing restaurant floor operations.

Track the status of your tables at any given time. For instance, which tables are occupied, being cleared or available. This integration creates seamless experience for managing your restaurant tables and seating arrangements.

food and beverages pos system reservation
fnb pos system set


Our F&B POS System has built in restaurant set menu module for your F&B outlets to be more efficient. Whether you are operating a restaurant, cafe or fast food kiosk, the set menu system can be customized to meet your needs.

Our POS System allows you to set options in your set menu such as set dinner, set lunch, kid meals and etc. Having clear set menu in the POS system helps to improve kitchen communication with service staff. Thus, making your customers happy as your service staff follows up with all the orders diligently.


You can create many kinds of membership level with our integrated membership system. We have help many restaurant owners to retain customer loyalty with our affordable membership system.

  • Manage membership price
  • Membership expiry date
  • Membership with points
  • Membership with discounts
fnb pos system membership
fnb pos system multiple types pf payment

Multiple Types of Payment

Choose any payment methods or partners that fits your business needs. This allows your cashier counter to take payments faster and securely. The cashback given by e-Wallet partners can be used to encourage customers to spend at your F&B outlet again during their next visit.

  • Cash, Credit Cards, Coupon, Points Redemption
  • e-Wallet, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Touch and Go Acceptance, etc.

Take Away

Our F&B POS System covers operations for all multiple order status. Starting from take away, self-service, dine in and custom statuses. This reduces errors in order type and increases speed of service.

Having flexibility to choose from Take Away, Delivery or Dine In, it will be easier for service staff to track the order type and simplify the billing process with restaurant management system. Through these features, all orders are immediately displayed in the kitchen screen to jump start the order preparation, resulting in quicker and better service.

fnb pos system take away
fnb pos system tables layout

Tables Layout

Comprehensive table layout design to match your floor plan. In many restaurants, tables matter and locations are different. Many restaurants will take order via layout, pay via layout and even reserve from table layout. We provide many easy to use features and functions. We know that the restaurant waiters will be very busy, so reliable tables layout system is very important.

Order & Payments

In a typical restaurant, a cashier is counter for user to make payment or customer make order from order stations. There are many utilization or operation flows such as:

  1. Order first, waiter provide ordered list to table, and use it for payment at counter.
  2. On table interactive menu.
  3. Dine in or take away.
  4. Reserve or booking.

No matter what process flow that you have, a cashier or point of sales is the most essential part of your business where you receive your payment.

fnb pos system order payment
fnb pos system customers item

Customers Item

Restaurants or Cafe can offer set meal packages for customers in advance. When customers claim the meal during their visit, 1 session or meal will be deducted from the system. For example:

  • Buy 10 packs and use one by one
  • Buy 10 times service and consume one by one from day to day


Locker function is suitable for restaurants or entertainment centers. For example, customers can purchase live lobsters or aged beef in bulk but could not finish in 1 visit, so customers can opt to keep their unfinished items (check-in locker) within restaurant for the next visit.

Another example is, customers purchase 6 bottles of drinks. But they only redeem 2 bottles on that day. They can redeem 4 more bottles in their next visit.

fnb pos system lockers
fnb pos system ingredients


Ingredient function allows the system to show us the ingredients that goes into the meal or drinks. For example, a cocktail or fruit juices may have more than 5 ingredients. The drink may have a fancy name and inside the Ingredient section, you can add details such as 2x apples, 1x orange, half watermelon and etc.

Multiple Printers Support

POS Market POS System supports receipt printing at up to 8 printers, which makes large outlet operations a breeze. You can link the printers to your order stations, dry kitchen, wet kitchen, beverage corners and etc.

Printer TypeDescription
Receipt PrinterPrinter is used to print receipt. If there is no other printer selected, receipt printer will be default.
Item PrinterItem printer can be placed in kitchen or drink bar. You can also use it to print items to prepare to the cook.
2nd Item PrinterSometimes, you need more than 1 item printer.
Barcode printerPOS system is capable of printing to barcode printer directly.
Report printerIf you require the report to be printed to A4 paper, you may want to separate the printer from receipt printers.
fnb pos system multiple printer

Item Options

Item options refers to additional options (e.g. side order) that you can add to you main item. Perhaps in Malaysia, we add extra rice for 1 dollar, extra Ice Cream for another 1 dollar and etc. Each option can be priced differently and added to the receipt. BMO POS system is able to work easily with multiple options for an item. It is a standard feature in our Restaurant POS System.

Item Set

Typically, a restaurant would serve set meals such as “Set Lunch”, “Set Dinner”. All these set meals includes several items such as main course, desserts, drinks and etc. To create set in our POS system is simple. Just go to the stock form and open “Setup > Set”, include your food items and set the price

Make Order, Pay Later

Generally, an operating restaurant requires customers to make order and pay later. By using our Restaurant POS System, just select order to print the order. If you need to add more orders, just retrieve the receipt by scanning receipt barcode or open the receipt and then make payment.

Shop Layout, Change Table

You can arrange your table to mimic your shop. Then when customer arrive, you will see figures sitting on the desk, with timer, and receipt number. We try to make things as interesting as possible. You can always modify the shop layout.


You can make restaurant reservation through the built-in scheduler in POS System for restaurant. Using the scheduler, you can show the reservation, customers name and etc.


For dine in and take away, you can set and show the status at receipt and item.

Multiple Printers to Print Receipts / Items

We have designed the Restaurant POS System to work with multiple printers at one time. The POS system is able to print separately with various paper size options and receipt printer types.

Category Item Printer

If you have separate employee to prepare different food items, you would want them to have different printers for different category. Our Restaurant POS System category item printer setting will do just that. For every category, the paper can cut automatically.

Receipt Printer Printer is used to print receipt. If there is no other printer selected, receipt printer will be default.
Item Printer Item printer can be placed in kitchen or drink bar. You can also use it to print items to prepare to the cook.
2nd Item Printer Sometimes, you need more than 1 item printer.
Barcode printer POS system is capable of printing to barcode printer directly.
Report printer If you require the report to be printed to A4 paper, you may want to separate the printer from receipt printers.

Table Layout

table layout
  1. Create Table
  2. Set Table number / floor
  3. Select Table for ordering
  4. Change Table
  5. Manual Clear Table
set table number / floor 1
set table number / floor 2
  1. Create Table
  2. Set Table number / floor
    • Simply drag and drop
    • Set table name & floor
    • Save
select table for ordering 1
select table for ordering 2
  1. Select Table for ordering
    • Choose via layout / table number
    • Just Click the table in layout
    • Pax can be inserted
change table
  1. Change Table
    1. Select table > Change table
    2. Print notify Slip to kitchen
manual clear table 1
manual clear table 2
  1. Manual Clear Table
    • Table can only clear manually by staff
    • Ideal for arranging customer seat
    • Ideal for reservation planning


    1. Click to choose the table
    2. Click clear table
    3. DONE
    4. * enable in layout setting

Item Options

item options
  1. Create options
  2. Attach options
  3. Options during order
  4. Item option report
create options 1
create options 2
  1. Create Options
    1. Inventory list > Options > Item Option
    2. Enter options name & price then Save
attach options 1
attach options 2
  1. Attach Options
    1. Inventory list > Options > Item Option
    2. Enter options name & price then Save
options during order 1
options during order 2
  1. Options during order
    1. Choose item > Choose Option > Update
    2. Receipt will show options added
create options 2
  1. Options Report
    1. Report for options
    2. Able to save in PDF/CSV

Order Status

order status
  1. Create Status
  2. Set Service Charges
  3. Create Order with status
create status 1
create status 2
  1. Create Status
    1. Go to Setting > Interface > POS Receipt Status
    2. Follow the setting (Status can be more than 2)
set service charges
  1. Set Service Charges
    1. Setting > Tax / GST / VAT > Set as percentage / amount
    2. Service will be charge according to your order status
    3. Exp: Dine in > Chargeable / Take Away > No Charge
create order with status 1
create order with status 2
  1. Create Order with Status
    1. Choose Item > Set Status
    2. Take Away > No Charges
    3. Dine In > chargeable
    4. Receipt will show status

Item Set

item set
  1. Create Corresponding Item
  2. Create Set & Add Corresponding Item
  3. Attach Item to Set
  4. Create Sales with Item Set
create corresponding item
  1. Create Corresponding Item
    1. Create Item with set price
    2. Please do not use same name for ala carte item
create set & add corresponding item 1
create set & add corresponding item 2
  1. Create Set & Add Corresponding Item
    1. Create set
    2. Select corresponding
    3. Save
attach item to set
  1. Attach Item to Set
    1. Click Add Item > Search item > Select Quantity
    2. Click Arrow to Move In and Out
create sales with item set 1
create sales with item set 2
  1. Create Sales with Item Set
    1. Set item will display on the right
    2. Click any set > order / payment
    3. Receipt will show breakdown of set item

Kitchen Order

item set
  1. Set Kitchen Printer
  2. Set Kitchen Printer Layout
  3. Set Category Printer Setting
  4. Create Order
set kitchen printer 1
set kitchen printer 2
  1. Set Kitchen Printer
    1. Go to System > POS Setting > Printer
    2. Choose printer > Print > Save
set kitchen printer layout 1
set kitchen printer layout 2
  1. Set Kitchen Printer Layout
    1. Go to System > POS Setting > Receipt List / Layout
    2. Set according to your preference / layout then save
set category printer setting 1
set category printer setting 2
  1. Set Category Printer Setting
    1. Go to System > POS Setting > Printer
    2. Set according to your preference / copy then save
create order 1
create order 2
  1. Create Order
    1. Choose Item > Click Order
    2. Kitchen Order printout


reports 1
reports 2
  1. Various Type of Reports