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F&B Basic BMO POS System

Packages include:

F&B Basic POS System


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Order Management:

Efficient order management functionality is essential, allowing staff to quickly input customer orders, modify them if necessary, and send them to the kitchen or bar for preparation.

Menu Customization:

The ability to easily customize menus is crucial, as food and beverage establishments often have diverse menus that require frequent updates and changes.

Table and Floor Management:

BMO POS systems for the food service industry includes table and floor management features, enabling staff to assign tables, split checks, and monitor the status of each table.

Inventory Management:

Effective inventory management capabilities are essential for tracking ingredient quantities, monitoring stock levels, and generating alerts when items are running low. This helps with efficient ordering and reduces the risk of running out of key ingredients.

Integration with Queue system:

Seamless integration with Queue System allows orders to be sent directly from the POS system to the kitchen, improving communication and reducing errors.

BMO Invoicing

Other than receipts, you can now generate more documents with BMO FnB POS system. You can generate Quotations, Purchase order, credit notes, Invoices, official receipts and many more accounting documents from the FnB POS system itself.

Split Billing and Multiple Payment Options:

BMO Food and Beverage POS system supports split billing, allowing customers to split the check between multiple payment methods or individuals. It also provides various payment options, such as cash, credit/debit cards, mobile payments, and gift cards.

Reporting and Analytics:

Robust reporting and analytics features enable business owners to track sales, monitor performance, and identify trends. These insights are valuable for making informed decisions and optimizing operations.

Loyalty Programs and membership:

Integration with customer information system, membership and loyalty programs allows businesses to gather customer data, offer personalized promotions, and build customer loyalty.

Integration with QR Ordering:

In today’s digital era, it’s important for Food and Beverage POS systems to integrate with QR ordering.

Android tablet ordering:

BMO FnB POS system is capable of using android for waiters to make and amend orders.

Security and Compliance:

Strong security measures, such as data encryption and user access controls, are essential to protect sensitive customer information.

Food and Beverages POS System Features

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POS System

At POS Market, we offer a full range of F&B (Food and Beverages) POS solutions to all kinds of restaurant.

Advanced cafe and restaurant BMO POS system to help you manage staff, customers, inventory, and profit easily. F&B BMO POS System can easily configure to suit most restaurant environment. BMO POS system is an essential tool for restaurants and cafes. We designed the Restaurant BMO POS System to be versatile and easily configured to suit most restaurant environment. A typical restaurant consists of many components, such as:

petty cash pos system

QR Ordering for F&B

POSMarket QR Ordering is a contactless QR Ordering System for F&B outlets. Customers only need to get a QR receipt from the cashier, scan QR to order from the menu, and place their order for food or beverages. Just like that! Your customers can access the menu directly using simply their phones. They don’t need to wait in line or wait for your staff to take their order or give them the bill.

QR Ordering Solutions


Our F&B POS System have built in table reservation management and options for reservations. You can reserve table for your customer with calendar features e.g date and time, essential for managing restaurant floor operations.

Track the status of your tables at any given time. For instance, which tables are occupied, being cleared or available. This integration creates seamless experience for managing your restaurant tables and seating arrangements.

Why Reservations and appointments are important?

  • To avoid themselves to wait for the long queue or long waiting time.
  • Have a smoother flow of restaurant or cafe and maintain customer satisfaction and maintaining the quality of food and service.
  • To avoid over-crowded in the restaurant, and amidst the pandemic, this is particularly important as we have to practice physical distancing.

Reservations are usually made using pen and papers, right? But it is not as organized as using POS System and why?

Let me break it down to you why:

  • Writings will tend to become messier and harder to understand. Cancellation strokes and over-writing on the paper can confuse other staff. Example: Mr. Adam makes a reservation at 7:30 pm. Suddenly Mr. Adam cancels the booking. Staff will have to stroke-out the reservation on the paper. Ms. Christina called and wants the slot; hence the staff will try to squeeze in the name in the remaining space on that time slot. As a result of this, some staff will be mistaken for it.
  • Sometimes humans can make mistakes by making double reservations or the wrong reservation. Due to miscommunication and missing out of details.
  • More environmentally friendly because there will be a lesser usage of papers and pens. Saving trees!

As a result of this, why not fully use our POS System for this? Do you know that our POS System is able to take down your reservations as well besides inventory and recording sales?

food and beverages pos system reservation

Advantages of using F&B BMO POS System for Reservation

  • More systematic, neater, and organized.
  • Can see the overall reservations of the day, avoid making reservations that will clash with other customers.
  • Able to select a table and make a reservation for that particular table. You know which table is reserved, occupied or cleared. This is to avoid walk-in customers to occupy the table.
  • Every reservation made will have the customers contact. Hence, it is easier to call to remind the customer or send SMS via iSMS to remind them about their reservations.
  • If the customer decided to cancel the reservation, can cancel easily and make a new one without any mess on the time slot.

Isn’t it way better by using POS System? Why wait now? You should try it yourself by owning this POS System for your business!

fnb pos system set


Our F&B BMO POS System has a built-in restaurant set menu module for your F&B outlets to be more efficient. Whether you are operating a restaurant, cafe, or fast food kiosk, the set menu system can be customized to meet your needs.

Our BMO POS System allows you to set options in your menu set like breakfast value sets, lunch value sets, dinner value sets, festive sets, couple valentine’s day sets, or even family Christmas sets are created based on the food items you added to your system. Creating set value meals can attract more customers as it tends to be cheaper than Ala Carte. People who do celebrations tend to order more food to eat to enjoy the moments together.

Having a clear set menu in the BMO POS system helps to improve kitchen communication with service staff. Thus, making your customers happy as your service staff follows up with all the orders diligently.

Another Item set that can be done in the BMO POS System is the ‘Value Package Set’ or also known as Locker Add On Function, which is 10 value sets with a price of 1. For example 10 sets of Chicken Rice with drinks for a price of RM100. Jackson buys 10 sets of chicken rice from ‘ABC Chicken Rice’, so he can use it one by one. It is more convenient for Jackson as he is a regular customer during his lunch break. This helps Jackson to save more money and allowing ‘ABC Chicken Rice’ to keep Jackson as a customer.


You can create many kinds of membership levels with our integrated membership system. We have helped many restaurant owners to retain customer loyalty with our affordable membership system.

  • Manage membership price
  • Membership expiry date
  • Membership with points
  • Membership with discounts

Membership Module

This is definitely an eye-catching feature to your customers to gain their attention to keep visiting your nature of business. It can be Spa, Beauty Care, Hair Salon, Clothing Shop, F&B, Private clubs, and many more; you name it! Your customers can earn points from their purchase and redeem their accumulated points into rewards.

Using our BMO POS System, you can create different types of membership categories for each customer contact. Each category can be customized to have a particular percentage of discount, which will be linked to the customers in the said category.

Contact and Membership Discount

Another advantage added to your customers to your business! For every customer’s contact, you can set the type of memberships they are eligible for, like Silver/Gold/Platinum Membership with the expiry date and which category your customers are entitled to discount. You can save all the hassle doing or calculating manually and time-saving!

Examples of Categories with a particular percentage of discount are as follows:

  • Gold Membership: 20% Discount
  • Silver Membership: 15% Discount
  • Normal Membership: 10% Discount

For example, if Adam is a Gold Membership, he is entitled to a 20% discount on Ala Carte food; the system will automatically calculate Adam’s total bill after the discount by just selecting Adam’s name in the system.

This is one of the ways to attract your customers into being a member to enjoy these discounts because who does not like a discount, right?

fnb pos system membership

QR Code Function for Membership Point

Print out the QR Code from the cloud. By scanning the QR Code, customers can check the accumulated points from their phone, which is much more convenient. To double confirm the customer’s points, you can simply access the cloud system to check how many points are there.

Multiple Branch Prepaid and Membership Points

This function is still the same as the online cloud and various branches. Still, the only difference is that our customers can check their membership points in different branches. If your outlet needs more than one POS terminal, you will need to use the client and server setup or the cloud-based setup. Other than that, all the features are the same.

fnb pos system multiple types pf payment

E-Wallets have been widely used by everyone, promoting cashless payment for quick and convenient prices. In conjunction with the COVID-19 pandemic as well. Reducing cash payments and promoting contact-free payment to avoid the possible spreading of COVID-19 has been applied worldwide.

With E-Wallets, you don’t have to worry about not having enough cash and not to worry if you have no time to go to the ATM or bank because payments can be made by just using your phone. Many E-Wallets merchandise offer cashback and promotion to encourage people to register an account and use contactless payment.

BMO POS System currently supports most of the E-Wallet available now. For local E-Wallet, we do support Boost, Touch’ N Go E-Wallet, WeChat Pays, MCash, Maybank QRPAY, and GrabPay. For international E-Wallet, we support WeChat Pay, Alipay, and UnionPay. With the E-Wallet direct integration into BMO POS System, you do not require another QR code scanner terminal. Consult us and we will do it for you!

Multiple Types of Payment

Choose any payment methods or partners that fit your business needs. This allows your cashier counter to make payments faster and securely. The cashback given by E-Wallet partners can be used to encourage customers to spend at your F&B outlet again during their next visit.

Must be wondering why do you need a dual-screen for your BMO POS System when 1 screen is more than enough, right? The advantages of having this dual-screen are your customer can see their food or drink orders or the items they bought. This is something for your customers to double-check their things before proceeding to payment, a more convenient way for them to check their list and to confirm their payments. Your customers will feel more comfortable paying as they can check, and they know they are paying for the right item.

How is E-Wallet doing with the dual-screen, right? This is where something will amaze you. We have two methods for E-Wallet:

1. Merchant Scan

The process requires a QR Code Reader,

  • Customer during payment
  • In the BMO POS system, select E-Wallet Merchant Scan (e.g.: Boost E-Wallet)
  • The customer opens the QR code display on the phone
  • Customer scans at the QR Code reader
  • Successful payment generates receipt

2. Customer Scan

The process is pretty simple:

  • Customer during payment
  • In the BMO POS system, select E-Wallet Customer Scan (e.g.: Boost E-Wallet)
  • The QR code will be displayed on the dual-screen
  • The customer scans the QR code à Successful payment à Generates receipt

Take Away

Our F&B BMO POS System covers operations for all multiple order status. Starting from taking away, self-service, dine-in, and custom statuses. This reduces errors in order type and increases the speed of service.

Having the flexibility to choose from Taking Away, Delivery, or Dine-In, it will be easier for service staff to track the order type and simplify the billing process with the restaurant management system. Through these features, all orders are immediately displayed in the kitchen screen to jump-start the order preparation, resulting in quicker and better service.

fnb pos system take away
fnb pos system tables layout

Tables Layout

Comprehensive table layout design to match your floor plan. In many restaurants, tables matter, and locations are different. Many restaurants will take orders via layout, pay via layout, and even reserve from table layout. We provide many easy to use features and functions. We know that the restaurant waiters will be very busy, so reliable tables layout system is very important.

You can create your shop layout manually in the system by simply clicking the table icons. The system will add table numbers automatically based on your table layout, will show the duration on how long your customer has occupied the table, and making payments directly by selecting the customer’s table. Most buffet restaurants can only allow dine-in time for 2 hours; this prevents people from dining in too long while other customers do not get to dine-in due to long waiting times. This way, you can monitor the shop layout, and the total time each table has been used.

Another additional feature is the layout time countdown function. Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, some F&B outlets have limited the dine-in time. Buffet restaurants limits dine-in time to allow other customers to enjoy the buffet without long waiting hours. This is to control the flow, avoiding overcrowded and the number of people in a restaurant. Because of the COVID-19, it is essential to make places less crowded and following social distancing. With the layout time countdown function, staff can monitor how long the customer has dined in and if there are any last call orders they would like to order before the dine-in time is up.

Order & Payments

Before starting the ordering, first, you should need to set up your BMO POS system. Creating a category and creating an item in the BMO POS system will be easier for you and your staff to put in order.

Create Category

A Category is created in the category interface. Examples of F&B categories are Rice, Noodles, Asian Delights, Western Food, Drinks/Beverages, Desserts, Coffee, Tea, Burgers, Waffles, Salads, Healthy Choices, etc.

Create Item

Once a category has been created, the new items of the category can be made in the new item inventory interface. The item name can be in English, Bahasa Malaysia, or Chinese Language. For example, Fried Rice, Nasi Ayam, under the rice category. Fried Noodle, Char Koay Teow, Soup Noodles under the noodle’s category.

Food Ordering

In a typical restaurant, a cashier is counter for the user to make payment or customers make orders from order stations. There is much utilization of operation flows such as:

  1. Order first, waiter provides ordered list to a table, and use it for payment at the counter.
  2. On table interactive menu.
  3. Dine-in or take away.
  4. Reserve or booking.

No matter what process flow that you have, a cashier or point of sales is the most essential part of your business where you receive your payment.

fnb pos system order payment

Food Payment

After dine-in, is time for doing the payment. BMO POS System allows flexible paying whereby you can pay using cash, credit card, debit card, and E-Wallets.

Sometimes when we are having meals together with a group of friends, we tend to split bills. So, BMO POS System has the feature of splitting bills. Whereby the total bill will split accordingly and paid accordingly. I bet your customers will be loving this feature!

fnb pos system customers item

Customers Item

Restaurants or Cafes can offer set meal packages for customers in advance. When customers claim the meal during their visit, 1 session or meal will be deducted from the system. For example:

  • Buy 10 packs and use one by one
  • Buy 10 times service and consume one by one from day to day


Locker function is suitable for restaurants or entertainment centers. This feature allows customers to keep their purchased food and drinks in the locker. If the customer came to redeem next time, the customer has the record in the locker system with the expiry date on how long they are allowed to keep. This keeps your loyal customers to come back to your restaurant or café.

For example, customers can purchase live lobsters or aged beef in bulk but could not finish in 1 visit, so customers can opt to keep their unfinished items (check-in locker) within the restaurant for the next visit.

Another example is, customers purchase 6 bottles of drinks. But they only redeem 2 bottles on that day. They can redeem 4 more bottles in their next visit.

fnb pos system lockers
fnb pos system ingredients


Ingredient function allows the system to show us the ingredients that go into the meal or drinks.

For example, a cocktail or fruit juices may have more than 5 ingredients. The drink may have a fancy name and inside the Ingredient section, you can add details such as 2x apples, 1x orange, half watermelon, etc.

Even for bubble milk tea store, to make a cup o bubble tea or also known as “Boba Tea”, there will be a list of steps and ingredients to put in like Ice, Sugar, Milk Tea, and Boba and how much to put into the cup.

Multiple Printers Support

BMO POS System supports receipt printing at up to 8 printers, which makes large outlet operations a breeze. You can link the printers to your order stations, dry kitchen, wet kitchen, beverage corners, etc.

Setting a kitchen printer is simple for your restaurant and café’s kitchen convenience. The process is simple:

  • Get Customer Order
  • Key in the POS System
  • Send to Kitchen
  • Kitchen printer will print out order chit
  • Food preparation
  • Serve to customer

This reduces human error and increases work productivity and workflow. A human-caused error such as missing orders, taking in wrong orders, does not meet customers’ requests on orders, and repeated orders are sent to the kitchen. Human-caused errors have an impact on your business; for instance, wrong orders will result in customer complaints, wastage of food, and not cost-effective.

Human-caused error is tough to make it perfect and merely impossible, but it can be avoided by just installing BMO POS System in your F&B outlet. As a result of this, your customers will be satisfied with your service at the restaurant

POS Order System Photos
POS Order System Photos
pos system for restaurant multiple printer thumb

fnb pos system multiple printer

Printer TypeDescription
Receipt PrinterPrinter is used to print receipt. If there is no other printer selected, receipt printer will be default.
Item PrinterItem printer can be placed in kitchen or drink bar. You can also use it to print items to prepare to the cook.
2nd Item PrinterSometimes, you need more than 1 item printer.
Barcode printerPOS system is capable of printing to barcode printer directly.
Report printerIf you require the report to be printed to A4 paper, you may want to separate the printer from receipt printers.
fnb pos system queue management system

Queue Management Integration

If you need to manage a queue or display queue numbers to customers, our queue management system is right for your restaurant. Instead of using the Table Number format, you can use the receipt reference number format or set custom queue number. Our POS Customer Queue Management System is able to:

  • Direct link to Queue Management screen display for customers
  • Alert customers when food is ready

Kitchen Queue Management System

Kitchen Queue Management System boosts kitchen staffs’ performances as well as speeds up kitchen management. Benefits of BMO POS System Kitchen Queue Management includes:

  • Managers can view ordered food
  • Chefs and kitchen helpers can keep track of food preparations
  • Chefs can prepare food on a first-come-first-serve basis
fnb kitchen queue management
fnb pos system cloud sync

Sync to Cloud

You can sync all the data or receipts generated in your Cloud-based BMO POS System and backup your data safely. Whether it is restaurant chains or franchises, you can easily control various daily ingredients used report, monthly total transactions, menu items, and more from any location.

  • Remote administration
  • Remote reporting
  • Cloud backup

When you subscribe to our cloud subscription, you can easily manage your system from branch to branch with an internet connection. Data like sales reports or daily sales reports in BMO POS System will be synchronized into the cloud. Hence, you can access those from a different branch.

For example, A shop owner has 3 branches: Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Johor. If the shop owner wants Penang’s sales report, the shop owner can access the report in the KL branch or Johor branch. It will be more convenient because he can check it any time he wants.

Receipt Status

Examples of receipt status that will be on the receipt are Dine-In, Take Away, or delivery. For example, if you have a customer who is ordering take away or delivery, the receipt will not charge the bill’s service charge. Whereas for dine-ins, the service charge will be charged accordingly.

Receipt Capture

Can be considered as part of a safety measure. BMO POS System can connect any webcam, CCTV, or phone to capture images, do video recording and video streaming. Must be thinking, “Why still need to capture the completed receipt when it is all in the system?” Mainly is to show that the actual receipt given is tally with the system to prevent staff from bypassing the system to edit/void the total sales while taking out the extra money from the cash drawer before the end of the shifts. As some people didn’t set user permission or restrict their staff to access the system for a particular reason; hence, to avoid this, it is more systematic to capture the receipt as a record.

Besides receipt capturing, it acts as a surveillance camera where it has webcam recording and playback. If you have an online BMO POS System, you can view live video streaming from mobile phones, tablets, or computers with an internet connection. As for the offline BMO POS System, there will be no real-time access to your CCTV or webcam, only offline recording, playback, and transfer file from the POS Station. As a result of this, it Allows management to have evidence of the fraudulent transaction.

receipt pos system

CCTV Link POS System

Situation: One of the shop owners has integrated BMO POS System. They have recently connected to our IPCCTV surveillance camera to their BMO POS Station and receiving live feed video captures. They can view the live feed video from the BMO POS System or from a mobile phone.

inventory pos system

Inventory Management

The Inventory interface allows you to manage and create your inventory system. Ensure your inventory is organized, keep-up with the stock-counts, and monitor the expiry date of ingredients or food. With this inventory management, it is easier to manage and contain the ingredients that have on hand. Food ingredients tend to have a quicker expiry date; hence it is advisable to monitor it from time to time to avoid food wastage.

Arrival or receiving of new stocks: staff will accept and check on the supplies arrived. Then the staff is required to key into BMO POS system. The system will adjust to the quantity of the stocks available.

Promotion Price and Date

Suitable for a special promotion or seasonal promotion or seasonal food & beverages or festive promotion! The promotion period can be set accordingly, and the system will deduct the original price based on the period, reducing human errors and customer dissatisfaction.

Example of Promotion Price and Date: 20% off on Chicken Chop with Mashed Potatoes from 1st August – 10th August 2021!

Or Set Of The Month! Where you can feature the set at a cheaper price to gain visitation and attention from people.

promotion price pos system

petty cash pos system

Petty Cash Management

Petty cash is a small amount of money in the form of cash used for expenditures where it is not sensible to make disbursement by cheque because of the inconvenience and costs of writing, signing, and then cashing the cheque.

Every business will prepare some cash for emergency usage when in need of money. Still, sometimes it is hard to track down the petty cash. You are managing petty cash in a more well-organized way because you can now record the petty cash amount at the beginning of the shift.

So, if you have used the petty cash from the cash drawer, record down in the system, and the system will show what you how much you used in the Z-Report.

Barcode Printing and Scanning

Once the selling item’s information is in BMO POS System, you can now print your barcode labels and printed using POSMarket Thermal Label Printer. Print barcode labels on your packet bread, bottle coffee, or any beverages, mooncake, sushi’s, ice-cream cups, bubble tea, or ready pack food. You can customize the barcode label by adding the price, item name, and expiry date. With such information on the price tag, consumers will feel more confident in purchasing items.

With the barcode label ready on your items, using the POSMarket barcode scanner and just scan the products to proceed for payment. Not only payment, but you can also scan the products for an inventory check. To check how much quantity left, the expiry date, the vendor, cost, and selling price. Everything you need will be in the system for you to refer to. Hence, after a successful sales transaction, BMO POS System will perform stock adjustments or inventory adjustments based on the number of items sold during the checkout. The good thing is you don’t always have to check your inventory!

create print scan barcode pos system

alert function pos system

Alert Function

One of our best features is the alert function. Why? Because due to unavoidable circumstances like busy days, we tend to miss out or forget certain things we need to do. Or something may have just slipped out without us realizing.

Hence, here comes the alert function. It reminds us when our inventory quantity is low, finished, and even expiry date. So, you will remember to stock up the items and know which item should be discarded. As a result, you save your time in the storeroom, counting and tracking the stocks in your storeroom.

Besides reminding you about your inventory, it also reminds you of other things in the system:

  • Customer Membership Expiry Date, so you may contact your customer regarding about renewing their membership
  • The cash drawer is open as some people may have opened it when it shouldn’t be opened.
  • Customer’s birthday so you can send a message using our iSMS service to wish them a happy birthday and they can visit your restaurant & café during their special day.
  • Alerting about the time to end a certain shift and doing the SOP for closing shifts like generating sales reports, exchanging cash drawers, counting the cash, etc.

Online Support (Team Viewer)

Besides providing you with business solutions and ways to upgrade your business better, we provide you with our software online support via TeamViewer. Just install TeamViewer on your PC and we can do it for you! You do not have to feel panic or worry when there is a technical issue or forget how to do specific settings with BMO POS System. We prioritize and appreciate our customers for choosing us, hence keeping their satisfaction towards BMO POS system we provide FREE 3 Years Online Support to our customers. Besides software support, our support team is proficient in hardware support as well. We are Your “One-Stop Support for Hardware and Software”!

Besides online support using Team Viewer, we are operating 7 days per week, with different working hours on the weekends. You may reach us on the following issues and give our full support from our technical team via phone calls, emails, WhatsApp, and remote internet support. Here are all our contact details:

  • Penang Branch: +604 642 0621
  • Johor Bahru Branch: +607 361 8927
  • Kuala Lumpur Branch: +603 2780 3880 / +603 7980 1388
  • Malaysia Toll Free: 1 800 87 7061
  • Email: sales@bizcloud.asia
online software hardware support pos system

attendance integrated pos system

Attendance System Clock In and Out

This is the attendance clock in BMO POS System. With the RFID card or fingerprint saved in our employee list, our system can be created. The RFID card and fingerprint reader work in 2 ways, which is flexible to choose either of them. In this case, giving your staff more flexibility in scanning in and out.

All you have to do is create a list of your employees in BMO POS System, and you can track their start work / shift and end of work / shift. You can also track their lunch hours. Hence, when they scan their RFID card or fingerprint, they can select ‘Start Lunch / Break’ or ‘End of Lunch / Break’. Some supervisors, managers, or business owners did not know how long their staff took their break time; in this way, they can know their staff did not go for a long hour break.

iSMS Marketing

To use this feature in your POS System, first, you will have to register yourself as an iSMS sender. You can send SMS to your clients in the POS System when you top up credits into your iSMS account. The SMS that your clients received will be 5 numeric digits (e.g. 68886).

Benefits of iSMS:

  • Reminding customers of their upcoming appointments and reservations
  • Sending seasonal promotions or discounted items
  • Wishing customers festive or birthday wishes to maintain customer relationship
  • Able to remind members about membership days, so they are able to come to your shop.
sms marketing pos system

sql accounting pos system

SQL Accounting

SQL Accounting software is designed to be an accounting software suitable for all businesses, ranging from small companies and large organizations. It supports applications that deliver business-critical accounting system functionality to a massive deployment of a network environment. SQL allows it to provide significant advantages in flexibility, reliability, performance, and stability. SQL accounting software is user-friendly. It is fully compatible with BMO POS System and Xpress Waiter. With the SQL Accounting Software integrated with BMO POS System, it enhances workplace performance, reduces human error, and maximizes profits.

How SQL Accounting Software works easily with our POS System?

  • SQL Accounting provides many invoices and many printing formats. All you need is to download the SQL Excel template via the link provided at our POSMARKET Website (posmarket.com.sg)
  • Export the inventory list from our POS Market POS System and paste it directly to the sheet titled StockGroup. Make sure the stated columns are filled up, namely: Sales, Sales Returned, Cash Sales, Purchase, Cash Purchase, Purchase Return, Costing Method.
  • Copy the relevant data from the exported Inventory List from POS System and export the POS system’s Contact list.
  • Export receipt List from POS Market POS System, after which you can Import the receipt List to SQL.
  • Exporting files in XML/CSV/PDF format.

Cash Drawer Management

When it is time to close shift, you can set a close shift in your POS System. After closing the shift, you can print out the detailed reports you wanted to print. If you do not want it to be printed, you can select to save in PDF format. During the closing of shifts, it is advisable to change your cash drawers, from the cash drawer with the morning shift sales, into a new cash drawer to start a new shift.

It is much easier to cash out the money in between shifts; why is that so?

  • For security reasons, it is advisable not to have too much cash in the cash drawer.
  • More systematic and organized.
  • Avoiding any errors during the printing of the sales report for the day. For example, short of cash or too much cash at the end of the day.
pos system cash drawer management

customer contact purchase history pos system

Contact Purchase History

For this, you can first create the customer’s contact in the system. The customer information stored in the system can maintain a good customer relationship. After the customers are making a purchase, you can check the purchase history in the system, for example; the date to visit the restaurant / café, the items they ordered, the type of payment. If your restaurant / café allows customers to have outstanding payment (getting their foods first, collecting payment later), you can see the system’s outstanding payment under the customer’s contact.

We have a section in our POS System that will show you the item purchased and how much is the payment. Offering this service to your customers allows customers to feel that you understand in servicing and putting their needs first, the value of how you treasure and trust your customers, as some people are unable to pay at the time being due to particular inconvenience. Hence, with the POS Market POS System, you do not have to worry that you’ll forget to collect your payment.

Prepaid Function

In POSMarket POS System, you can sell a member card with prepaid payments to your customer. As an additional alternative for your customers to make payments. This prepaid member function allows customers to top-up credit or reloads credit into the card and customers can use it to make payment. The prepaid value and the top-up history will be kept in the customer contact database for reference purposes.

For example, Ms. Amanda buys a member card from Restaurant ABC, Ms. Amanda top-up, or reload RM200 into the member card. Next time when Ms. Amanda goes to Restaurant ABC, Ms. Amanda can use her prepaid member card to make the payment without the need for cash. Encouraging cashless payment for quicker check-outs and quicker payments. With Ms. Amanda’s contact database in the POS System, you can check the prepaid value and top-up history for reference purposes.

prepaid function pos system
reports pos system


Typically, most of the shops print an end day report after one day. The report is a Z-report. This report can be generated from the POS System to be printed or to be accessed anytime, anywhere in the Cloud system. Daily Z-Reports will show how many items sold and a bill issued, how much cash has been collected throughout the day, the total tax charged to the customer, etc. You can always get the Z-Report with a click of the button. If the shop is running on shift, you may need to print a close shift report and pass the shift to your colleague.

You may export the reports in CSV files or PDF files. Reports such as item sales report, receipt log report, and daily sales report. We have reported in default in our system, but if you are not satisfied and wanted a change in your reports, you may talk to us about your report’s customization!

With everyone owning a smartphone, it makes people more convenient in their daily lives. People used to view PDF files, E-mails, attachments using a desktop or laptop. Now, most of the things can be done using a smartphone, which includes viewing reports of your POS System on your smartphone! Just install the BizCloud App on your phone and you’re ready to roll! BizCloud App is both supported by Android and App Store!

F&B Cashier

The cashier is a basic feature of any POS system. With a cashier integrated into your FnB POS system, you will be able to easily accept payments from your customer based on their orders. With this, you can avoid mistakes like charging customers for the wrong orders.

Complimentary POS hardware:

  • Cash Drawer
  • All-in-One POS terminal
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
pos system setup bakery cafe

pos system setup bakery cafe

pos system setup bakery cafe

pos system for restaurant make order

Food and Beverage Order Station

pos system order station mobile order tablet

If your restaurant is big, you have the need to install order station around your restaurant. It is for the ease of your waiter to make order, amend order and even cancel order. Our order station is design to be simple and light.

  1. The order station is an Android tablet with a lock stand
  2. It is connected WiFi with the cashier POS machine
  3. Most of the time, when order made in order station, an order list will be printed into the kitchen
  4. Low cost
  5. One POS System can work with multiple order stations
Order Station Login
Order Station Menu
Order Station Order Screen
Order Station Restaurant Layout
Order Station Order Details
Order Station Search Order

Waiter Mobile App for Order Taking

80mm wifi receipt printer
Every POS Market system is capable of supporting multiple mobile ordering client, as long as you have the POS system, you can activate the XpressWaiter mobile apps to work with the POS system anytime, then the waiter will use the android application for ordering purposes.
Self Ordering Xpress Menu Software
Xpress Waiter Login
Xpress Waiter Setup
Xpress Waiter Menu
Xpress Waiter Order

Accounting, Inventory and Sales Report

POS Sales Report
Customer Sales Report
BMO General Ledger

Other than POS for F&B, we do help our customers to achieve more by providing them
1. Accounting solution
2. Report customization

Need SQL Accounting software to improve your business flow? Do have a look on all SQL Accounting modules that benefits your business.

Essential F&B Features

Not only packed with solutions, our POS system have many functions that ease your restaurant operations, such as:

pos item options

Such as add rice, add spices, no peanuts and etc. You can add additional charges to it too.
pos item sets

Such as set lunch, set dinner
pos split pay

Split Pay
For everyone in the table to pay their own bill
pos system for restaurant category item printer

Printer Split Category
Category item printer for each category, it goes to different printer
pos system for restaurant receipt with status

Dine in, take away

Built-in Reservation
The scheduler will show the reservation, customers name and etc.


We provide 7 days support for your convenience. If you have any special requirements for BMO POS System with Restaurant POS System, please do not hesitate to contact us and share with us.