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Mall ERP Format Compatible

hypermarket system

Retail BMO POS System Solution

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Retail POS System Basic

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Hypermarket System FTP Upload

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Manage your daily operations systematically through our BMO POS systems. POS System Mall ERP Enterprise Resource Planning is a management system that will generate reports for the mall management to upload to the mall’s ERP system server automatically.


hypermarket system ftp retail

Retail stores

hypermarket system ftp warehouse


hypermarket system ftp supermarket


Our Mall or Hypermarket System FTP Upload (ERP compatible) allows businesses to set up and to manage their daily operations systematically. All necessary reports will be uploaded via FTP daily. Hypermarket System FTP Upload can contribute to complement mall resource planning in various mall departments.

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POS Market Mall ERP System Setup Layout

vector mall erp layout

Daily Reports

With the BMO POS System, you can now export data according to the mall’s requirements. In order to enable the mall organization to make better decisions, our BMO POS System is able to customize reports and display data such as daily sales amount, total SST collected, amount of discount given, number of transactions within the hour, Food and Beverages (F&B) service charges, number of pax for each F&B outlets, the sales cash amount received and E-wallets or credit card sale amount, etc.

mall erp daily reports

mall erp inventory


  • With inventory management, you are able to manage the inventories according to hypermarkets and malls requirements.
  • This inventory module is a great tool for mall operators to maximize inventory management.
  • There are comprehensive features such as stock quantity alert where management can decide the quantity level to trigger the alert. Hence, our BMO POS System will prompt it about the low stock alerts.
  • We also have a special function such as selling 1 unit but deducts 2 units from inventory. This is useful for promotions such as buy 1 item free 1 item.
  • In order to have better business planning, our BMO POS System allows the stores to track inventory in-out easily.

Direct FTP Connections

  • With this Direct FTP Connections, it is quicker by automating data sync to any hypermarket or mall ERP system according to the Mall’s required format.
  • In addition to that, you are able to connect to the hypermarket or mall ERP system via FTP (File transfer protocol).
mall erp direct ftp

Malls We Are Connecting With

These are the list of Malls using Posmarket Mall ERP System

  • Queensbay Mall
  • Design Village
  • NU Sentral
  • Gateway@KLIA2
  • 898 Mall Sdn Bhd
  • Paradigm Mall
  • Dpulze Mall
  • Atria Mall
  • USJ City Mall
  • Melawati Mall
  • KSL City Mall
  • Intermark Mall
  • IOI Mall
  • Decentrum Mall
  • Plaza Pelangi
  • Capital Land – The Mines
  • Sunway Putra Mall
  • Gurney Plaza
  • Encorp Strand Mall Lounge
  • Far East Organization
  • Sungei Wang Plaza
  • Tropicana City Mall
  • Mid Valley Mega Mall
  • Cheras Leisure Mall
  • The Quill City Mall
  • Kompleks Keramat Mall
  • Sunshine Bertam Shopping Mall
  • 1 Utama Shopping Centre
  • Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
  • and many more!

Your mall is not listed here? Contact us!

Automatic or Manual Report Uploads

As a part of the mall’s requirement towards store retailers, the mall management requires the store operators to upload their sales reports to the mall’s ERP system. BMO POS System has a built-in function to generate the sales reports and upload them automatically to the mall’s ERP System or store operators can trigger this function manually according to their chosen cut off time.

mall erp automatic manual report

mall erp easy to use

Easy to Use by Average Users

BMO POS System is a system that is suitable for everyone to use as it is easy to use. Retailers operating in malls can automate daily sales update reports to shopping malls management such as total sales for the day or transaction detail summary, etc.

Membership and Points Redemption

For this feature, retailers can automatically give reward points for every retail store transaction or order. This feature is able to attract customers to purchase from retailers. You can configure loyalty points for multiple membership types, different products, and different purchase volume. Different membership types will give different membership discounts. Ultimately, membership discounts can be applied immediately.

mall erp membership
mall erp customization

Customizations are Welcome

We do understand that every company is different. Therefore, you have to set your own business rules. Based on our experience, we listen to our customer’s needs, hence we customize the feature to suit you if all configurations are out and if it is needed. As an experienced software developer and entrepreneur, we are willing to listen to you and help to solve your problems as a result, upgrading your nature of business.

Example of Customized Reports

pos system setup singapore report settings
Report Settings Example 1

You can set the sales report title and content format requested by the management. The file will be generated in .txt format. The outcome can be seen at NU Sentral Hourly Report Format 1 above.

pos system setup singapore-ftp settings
FTP Settings

You must configure your POS machine with the FTP server details provided by the Mall Management. Set the time to upload “today’s/yesterday’s” sales report to server everyday. Then select which type of report you would like to generate – NU Sentral Hourly Report or Far East Organization.

pos system setup singapore report settings
Report Settings Example 2

This is a second example just to give you a clearer explanation of where the input may be displayed. The outcome can also be seen at Far East Organization Report Format 2 above.

pos system setup singapore mall server
FTP Server

Make sure you connect to the LAN point in the shop unit. Try to ping to the FTP server and make sure you are able to connect to the FTP server successfully.

Note: Make sure the BMO Client is opened in order to upload the sales report to the mall server.