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POS System Webcam

POS System with Webcam

BMO POS System can connect with webcam to snap customer and item photos for customer management and inventory management.

pos system with webcam inventory system

Customer Information

  • Capture customer photos in the system along with other customer information (customer names, contact number and birthday).
  • Help you to recognize customers if any theft or steal cases happen in your shop.
pos system with webcam record item photo

Record Item Photo

  • Record photos for every product in the system to save your time in checking products in other places.
  • Without capturing photos, you might find it complicated if wants to view the item inside a box.
  • You can directly save the item photos in our POS system, instead of printing out the photo and pasting it on the box.
  • It is suitable for a warehouse that needs to store many items such as raw materials, spare parts and components.
  • You can view the item photo in the system without having to open any boxes in the warehouse.
pos system with webcam customer transactions

Customer Transaction

  • Capture customer with product purchases and store in BMO POS system
  • Image can be checked in Receipt Tab when reference is needed.
  • It is great for stock checking if the number of stock is incorrect.
  • You can always refer to the record of customer purchase’s photo to check if provide the wrong quantity to the customer.
pos system with webcam locker


  • Our POS system allows you to record customer item photos in the locker.
  • It captures item photos and records locker number, item quantity and expiry date.
  • It helps to manage your locker more organized compared to hanging a tag with the customer name on the product.
  • Customers can keep the items at their lockers when they cannot utilize them all at one time.
  • For example, a wine locker is needed for a fine dining restaurant. With our POS system, your staff can keep a record of customers’ wine with photos in the system, so that they can refer to these records when the customer wants to retrieve the item from their locker.
pos system webcam customer photo

Customer Photo

pos system webcam item photo

Item Photo

pos system webcam customer transaction

Customer Transaction

pos system webcam locker