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POS System Setup for Warehouse

WMS Warehouse Management System

A warehouse refers to location you store your goods. To setup BMO POS to use in Inventory control. Our POS system has a few built in capabilities to help you control your goods.

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If you have any special requirements for BMO POS System with WMS Warehouse Management System, please do not hesitate to contact us and share it with us. We are not only selling the POS software but we are also the developer of the POS software and hardware.

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If your outlet needs more than one POS terminal, you will need to use the client and server setup or the cloud-based setup. Other than that all the features are the same.



pos system setup singapore wms warehouse management system pos system physical check

Tangible and Intangible Inventory Item (Physical Check)

Most of the warehouse control only involves tangible stock but our POS system also provides the intangible stock control for the warehouse. You can simply uncheck the physical check property when creating a particular stock is intangible.

pos system setup singapore multiprice thumb

One Item with Multiple Prices

It is useful to you where you are able to define different price options to stock because a stock can be sold at a different price to customers with different membership status. You can easily select which price option to be used in every order depending on the situation before confirming the order.


pos system singapore for retail store reorder alert

Reorder Level Alert

It is a must for customers to be able to keep track of the quantity of their stock on hand. Our POS system integrated with WMS Warehouse Management System has the function to generate alert messages. When your stock on hand is equal or less than your reorder level, a reminder will trigger you to order new stock.

pos system setup singapore wms warehouse management system pos system unlimited category

Unlimited Categories and Sub-Categories

You have no limit or restriction in creating categories and sub categories. You can create as much as you like. Each of the sub category might not belong to only one parent category.


pos system setup singapore itemtransaction thumb

Item Transactions

Generally, our POS system with WMS Warehouse Management System allows you to make adjustments to every stock in your warehouse or when you transfer stock to another branch or receiving stock from the other party. There are 3 types of adjustment method support in this POS system.

    • Receive – Manually select an item from POS and adjust the value of the stock through POS
    • Quick Receive – Use a barcode scanner to scan an item and adjust the stock value immediately
    • Adjustment – Use this to either increase or decrease the on-hand value. Can add the serial if that stock is serial controlled.

All transactions involved in the POS system will be recorded in a detailed list so that you can keep track of the stock-flow.

pos system setup singapore multioptions thumb

Multiple Options with Price

Multiple options are basically referred to as additional options (e.g. side order) that you can add to your main item. You are allowed to add multiple options for your stock item with a different price such as add on a laptop bag as an additional option when customers purchase a laptop from you.


pos system setup singapore wms warehouse management system pos system multiple report

Multiple Sales & Inventory Item Reports

With using our POS system, we provide you a variety type of report that you can view such as a report on an item sold and stock transaction. those reports will be useful to serve as raw data when doing forecasting or any other business purpose. Moreover, you are able to print the report or export the result to .CSV format by using our POS system