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Electronic Weight Machines with POS System



electronic commercial weighing scale pattern approval
aclas electronic commercial weighing scale pattern approval

Weight Scale

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Electronic Scale

  • High anti-interference. The radiation intensity to radio frequency electromagnetic fields up to 10v/m.
  • Auto-power saving design, will enter into the stand-by status automatically without any operation (user-defined 4~200 seconds at will, 200 seconds won’t enter into auto-power saving status) only consuming 21μA., able to be awake by any loading or operation due to the inner shaking mechanism.
  • Support backlight shift function by pressing the backlight key for 1.5 seconds, able to save electric power by turning off backlight in bright area and extend service life of dry battery.
  • CHG function, assist users to change notes accuracy.
  • Support price-lock function, suitable to sell weighing commodity of same price.
  • Two optional ranges: 15kg (e=2g/5g) or 30kg (e=5g/10g).

electronic weight scale

Electronic Weight Scales TM-Aa series have been approved by National Metrology Institute of Malaysia (NMIM)
as suitable for commercial use.
(Approval No. : ATS-0008-20)

electronic weight scale barcode printer

Electronic Scale with Barcode Printer

TM-AA-5A Barcode Printing Scale is a reliable and efficient label printing scale suitable for medium to large retail businesses. The model can store up to 16 label formats. Print inventory and report form manually or automatically. Set functions via the PC or direct from the scale. The automatic printing with weighing functions helps make the pre-packing process more efficient. The LED screen makes it easy for both customers and operators to read.


  • Customizable: Yes
  • Rated Load: 30kg
  • Accuracy: 5g/10g
  • Power Supply: 110/220V
  • Easy to use label format
  • Internal 4000PLU to set 31-71 fast button
  • Optional RS232 or 485 interface, TCP/IP Interface
  • Able to set various forms of barcode
  • Application: Supermarket, Laundry, Meat, Fruits & Vegetable Store

label printout

Calibration with KPDNHEP

All of our weight scales are calibrated and verified with Metrology Corporation Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (MCM) for FREE before delivery. MCM was established with the sole objective of providing the verification and re-verification services for all weighing and all measuring instruments used for trade in Malaysia. All weighing and measuring instruments used for trade needs to be verified first before use and re-verified once every twelve months thereafter as stipulated by the Weights and Measures Act 1972.

weight scale kpdnkk calibration

weight scale pos integration

Integration of POS System

Connect an electronic weighing machine to BMO POS software and receive weight data from the weighing machine. Our POS System is capable to work with the RS232 electronic weighing machine to do the measurement and input to quantity field with different conversion units available. Weight can be taken in a few simple steps as follows:

  1. Click the quantity column to change the quantity value.
  2. A new window will be prompt, now click on the electronic weight machine image icon.
  3. Click a weight button to get the measurement from the machine and click the “tick” button to confirm the value
  4. After that, the value of the weighing machine will be assigned to the POS system quantity field