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Online Point of Sales System Administration

By subscribing to BMO online POS system, you can work with your data from any mobile devices that is able to surf the internet. Moreover, with BizCloud apps for Android, you can manage your business on your Android app without using web browser.
Basically, by using Bizcloud including POS System, you can:

  1. Manage your shops via iPad, tablet, or mobile phone.
  2. By downloading BizCloud android app, you can access your POS System data directly.

Managing Your Data Online

You can manage the POS sytem data online means doesn’t mean that your shop has to go online every time, but they can hook to the internet and sync the data online when necessary. Once you have all the data, there are a lot of operations or management can be done online.

  1. Add new item, stocks, price, cost.
  2. Modify items quantity, price, descriptions and etc.
  3. Check item transactions, on hand quantity, receive new item and adjust quantity.
  4. Check all the sales report, profit report and etc.
  5. Create vouchers, promotions, members category, item category and etc.
  6. Create new employee and attach working pattern and check attendance.
  7. Create contacts, view and modify contacts and search for contact history.
  8. Manage multiple branch from one page.
  9. Many more

If you have any special requirements for BMO POS System, please do not hesitate to contact us and share with us. We are not only selling the POS software but we are also the developer of the POS software and hardware.

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  • PG Office: +604 6420621
  • sales@bizcloud.asia