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POS Mobility

Pos Mobility

As the owner of a retail shop, you may hire someone else to manage the shop for you. However, how do you monitor the shop sales from other places? And sometimes you may want to change the selling price, add new items or receive new goods and etc. The BMO Cloud POS will do just that. BMO Cloud is built for POS mobility purpose.By subscribing to BMO online POS System, you can view reports from your mobile devices and perform all types of operations at your online POS System.

The online POS System subscription is monthly basis. NO contract bounds and you can pay on prepaid terms. You can try for a few months and continue if you feel comfortable with the POS software with POS mobility feature.

singapore mobility edit thumbPOS mobility enables you to modify the price of the items via online.

singapore voucher serial thumbOnline review the sales report.

If you have any special requirements for BMO POS System, please do not hesitate to contact us and share with us. We are not only selling the POS software but we are also the developer of the POS software and hardware.

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