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  2. Simple POS System Features

Simple POS System Features

Point Of Sales System – Harnessing the Power of Online & Offline POS System Combined.

Simple POS System combines both online and offline retail businesses needs. A complete POS system solution that is highly affordable for new business start-up SMBs and easy to use.

Our POS System is capable to sync with online database, providing your stores with real time data (contacts, price update, sales & new stock item updates) from your online inventory. BMO’s Point of Sales System also allows you to add multiple chain stores with individual inventory locations. All branches are able to sync with main store’s database, providing a centralised retail management system.

No more paper work, tedious stock check and selling price errors!

Our Point of Sales System is compatible with major OS (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista) and thermal receipt printers.

online pos system offline pos terminal os logo windows xponline pos system offline pos terminal os logo windows vista

online pos system offline pos terminal os logo windows 8

online pos system offline pos terminal os logo windows 7

DiscountsMultiple Hardware SupportReal Time Surveillance
AttendanceEmployee CommissionMultiple Stations SupportRecurrence payment
Auto Email ReportingFood & BeverageOffline couponService by Report
Barcode / PrinterFree UpgradesOnline Cloud BackupService, Pickup, Warranty Date
Bulk PaymentHandle Multiple BranchesOrder AlertShop Layout
Centralised Control Over POS StationInventoryOrderingSMS Integration
Contact DatabaseItem OptionsPetty CashSupport Third-party Voucher
Control Members, Serial, Vouchers OnlineItem SetPoints RedemptionTax (GST/VAT)
Credit LimitMembership DiscountPrepaidWeight Machine with Barcode
DebtMobile Phone or Tablet Report AccessReal Time Reportsand more...


Cashier Main POS Station

BMO Online POS system will be used. Has ability to sync online. The folder will be shared with Order Station.

Order Station

The order station will be retrieving data from the main POS System database. Customers can add their orders through the system.

Kitchen Printer

We can choose to print the order with 1 printer but print twice.

  1. We can choose to print the order with 1 printer but print twice.
  2. We can choose to print to 2 printers. One printer prints the receipt and the other prints item details only.
Key Benefits
  1. Register an Simple Inventory Account, a simple inventory account comes with 2 POS terminal
  2. Download POS terminal, Install and key in the necessary information when initial login. Show where to find the company id and etc.
  3. Register the POS terminal, and then login to online account and activate it at Admin->BMO module
  4. Create category, item, price.
  5. Receive the item
  6. Sync offline
  7. Make a cash sales
  8. Sync online
Advanced Features
  1. Sync contact
  2. Barcode scanner
  3. Printer
  4. Cash drawer
  5. Stand display
  6. Order mode
  7. Sell PIN
  8. Voucher
  9. Promotion
  10. Sync with inventory
  11. Multiple users
  12. Petty cash in and out
  13. Credit limit
  14. Pending credit, bill, layout
  15. Service by Employee

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Malaysia POS System Features
POS market systemFeature Description
CashCustomer can purchase using cash
DebtOpen receipt without making payment, the payment can be made later.
Multiple hardware supportBMO POS Client can support multiple hardwares. All standard hardware is supported.
List of available hardware from POSmarket.com.my
  • 80mm printers
  • 58mm printers
  • A4 regular printers
  • Stand display
  • Dual monitor
  • Cash drawer
  • Cash drawer trigger
  • Barcode scanner
  • Automatic barcode scanner
  • Automatic stand barcode scanner
  • Barcode printer
  • Magnetic card reader
  • Weight machine
  • Finger print reader
Food & beveragesBMO POS client supports food and beverages. You can setup:
1. PAX
2. Table no
3. Make orders or additional orders
4. Retrieve order
5. Make payment
6. Split pay
7. Split bill
8. Print to multiple printers
9. Pay with multiple payment method
Multiple stations supportIn the same location, you can setup multiple POS stations with our POS System. These POS Station will share same database and running receipt number.
Items optionsItem options such as “add ice cream”, “extra sugar,” etc for an item. You can set price for each option.
Item setIn an item set, there will be a list of items. A typical example is “Set lunch”, “Set dinner”, “Hamper”
Membership discountYou can assign a contact to a category, the category can have different discount percentage. POS system will automatically apply the discount if the contact is selected.
Contact databaseWithin POS System, there is a contact database, you store the customer and membership information to it.
Credit limitsWhen you apply credit limit to customer, the customer cannot owe you more than the credit limit.
OrderingMake order without paying first. The order can be retrieved later and complete the payment.
Shop layoutArrange the table layout to select table, to open receipt and other operation.
InventoryInventory balance, on hand, receive, stock count, make adjustment, and other inventory related process.
SMS integrationPOS client is capable to send SMS via http://isms.com.my API access. You just need to purchase SMS credit from http://isms.com.my to be able to send SMS marketing information to your customers.
Petty cashPetty cash sums all your cash in the drawer. You can cash in, cash out to different accounts.
DiscountsPerform discounts to item. If member, the discount can perform automatically.
TAX (GST)Tax / GST modules included
Service, Pickup, Warranty dateThis can be printed to the receipt.
Re-order alertIf inventory are running low, re-order alert triggered.
Service By reporta typical scenario when you need to separate the receipt to multiple service by. A customer may be service by a hair dresser, a beautician and a massage each of them will get commissions based on the service provided. POS client allows you to tag each detail to different employee
AttendanceAttendance can be capture using thumb print capture device or login time.
BackupSystem will automatically backup and user can also backup manually.

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